Arm Your Operational Service Tasks

In today’s evolving economy, service companies have to be literally on their toes to create an impact toward better productivity and growth. This is where field service dispatch software works out to be the smartest solution to kickstart your operations for improved customer management, overall efficiency, and a newer, yet unconventional workforce communication.

Gone are the days when tracking employees in the field was an issue. Now it’s all about creating a difference in the entire process of scheduling to track the work order in just one click. In comparison to the existing field service dispatch software available today, the year 1983 had also witnessed field service software in a more nascent form, yet it managed to serve a wide range of businesses and industries. The market for field service software in its entirety is exponentially growing and is predicted to touch $3.52 billion by 2019; with North America being the largest sector, followed by Europe. Since this software unifies several functions into one, broader sectors such as healthcare, telecommunications, and cable service provision are transitioning their overall operations tracking to field service dispatch software to ensure that they follow the rule book yet meet unique challenges on a daily basis.

Following are a few top field service dispatch software available today:

  • mHelpDesk
    Since its inception in 2007 and with more than 13000 business cases, this solution has smartly managed service request in a holistic way
  • Housecall Pro
    It serves a wide range of industries
  • Jobber
    It is a cloud-based field service that is specifically designed for small-to-midsize businesses
  • FieldEdge
    It is considered the best for home service contractors
  • MBS Mobiwork
    It offers flexible deployment
  • Service Titan
    It is considered another frontrunning software one for home service businesses
  • Thermo Grid
    This software is designed for small-to-midsize residential contractor companies
  • PestPac
    It is a web-based field service management solution
  • GeoOp
    It offers real-time features to track job status
  • ClickSoftware
    It helps in improving customer service operations

The software listed above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more competitive players in the market for enterprises, small-to-midsize businesses and fleet management sectors. All you need is to understand your company portfolio to help you zero in on the right system that you would need to manage a range of operational tasks on a regular basis.


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Things to consider while setting up a natural gas grill

Many house owners have started to forgo their propane grills for a greener alternative like cheap natural gas grills. If you are thinking of getting a natural gas grill too, then follow the pointers given below when setting up a natural gas grill in your homes.

Choose the right grill
Before buying a natural grill, you need to consider a few things. Cheap natural gas grills vary in price depending on their size. You must assess your budget before buying a grill that is perfect for your cooking style and is suitable to fit in the available space in your kitchen. You will have to pay for installation and other setup charges. Don’t spend all your money on purchasing the grill alone as you will also have to pay for installation, maintenance, and other setup charges. Natural gas grills last longer when maintained well.

Check local codes and permit requirements
It is imperative to check for local codes and permit requirements while installing cheap natural gas grills. In most cases, you need to get the permit for the new gas line that connects to the grill. Failure to do so may result in penalization in the form of a fine. These codes and permits also specify how far you can pull the gas line from the source and how deep the line can be buried. It is essential to follow these rules so that you don’t put your neighbors and yourself in danger.

Call a licensed plumber for installation
Cheap natural gas grills are easier to set up than their propane counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean that you can install them yourself. Local codes clearly specify that a licensed technician or plumber can only install the natural gas pipeline on your grill. Special tools, valves, and pipes are required in the process of installation which can only be acquired by a licensed plumber or technician. It is better to follow these rules than to deal with the risk hidden in self-installation

These are some of the steps that can help you avoid any potential hazards that may creep up due to improper gas flow later on.


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Things to keep in mind before buying MacBook Pro

Are you planning to invest in a good Apple computer? With so many options available, the best way to go about with it is to understand your requirements. Apple computer series called iMac is one of the best in the market today. The new Apple computer comes with high technology retina display and latest graphics technology, which give you a superior overall desktop experience.
Another popular Apple product you can buy is the MacBook Pro. Here are some things that you should know about this Apple product:

  • The MacBook Pro is much heavier than the MacBook Air. In fact, the MacBook Pro is the heaviest of the Apple notebooks that you can buy. So, think about this factor before you decide to go for this option.
  • If you consider the price of MacBook Pro against the features that it entails, you will conclude that though MacBook Pro comes with ancient features, it comes for a price tag that will create a big hole in your pocket.
  • The new MacBook Pro does not come with an SD card slot and other ports. This means that if you buy MacBook Pro, you will have to invest in MacBook accessories like USB C adapters. Not just that, MacBook Pro also comes without the much-desired feature called the MagSafe connection. This means that if you are not careful and someone trips over the cable, then your MacBook Pro will fall off your desk.
  • If you are planning to buy MacBook Pro for professional purpose, then keep in mind that most of the professionals, these days, work on the latest DDR4 standard of RAM, while MacBook Pro comes with the older and slower DDR3 standard of RAM.

When it comes to MacBook Pro, this Apple computer was created keeping in mind the professional requirements of photo editors and video experts. So, if you are buying an Apple product for general surfing and your Netflix and chill sessions, then instead of buying MacBook Pro you must invest in any other cheaper Apple computer.


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Must have accessories for iPhone X

It has been just over a couple of weeks since the iPhone X was launched as Apple’s latest flagship series. However, accessories go hand in hand with any smartphone purchase which is why here are the top must-have accessories to go with your brand new iPhone X.

Wireless charger pad: iPhone X is one of the first in Apple’s smartphone series which support wireless charging. This proves to be a big advantage since there are a number of buying options when it comes to wireless charging pads featured by popular brands. However, it is to be noted that only Qi wireless charging is supported by the Apple iPhone X.

Powerstation: Having a wireless charger can come in quite handy, but having a power bank on the go is recommended for long journeys. It won’t be possible to find charging stations everywhere, especially during travel which is why a portable power station makes it a must-have iPhone X accessory.

iPhone X case: When it comes to phone accessories, smartphone cases are very handy since they protect your phone from external elements and the occasional phone drops. Even though the iPhone X is built to last, having a phone case will provide that extra layer of protection and cushion from different falls.

Screen protector: The display is very important when it comes to smartphones, which is why Apple iPhone X features the best glass inbuilt. However, as an added layer of protection, having a good quality screen protector will increase the life of the screen without compromising the touch input and integrity of the user interface.

Apple air pods: You will have to buy Apple air pods separately for your iPhone X since, in the box, only the EarPods with lightning connector is provided. This accessory can be purchased online for a price of $159.


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3 new Samsung Galaxy smartphones to look out for

When you think of durability, value for your money, style, elegance, and an edgy look in your smartphone, the one name that pops up in your mind is Samsung. One can even assert that the different Samsung products bear all of these trademark features that are synonymous with the brand’s name. However, Samsung is highly popular for its line of smartphones that cater to all sections of the population.

The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones is one of the most famous smartphones that the world has ever known. What makes sets this Samsung Galaxy series apart from the crowd is that it caters to the demands of different customers; people who are looking for affordable smartphones or high-end ones can take their pick from this collection.

Here’s a list of the best Samsung Galaxy smartphones that have just recently arrived.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most premium smartphones to hit the market. The sleek finish and the powerful performance have endeared this smartphone to the users. With a 5.8-inch display and cornering gorilla glass protection, this smartphone is elegance and functionality combined. Equipped with a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB inbuilt storage, you can bid adieu to your storage woes.
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – One of the latest turnouts from the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has already garnered a huge fan-following. A 5.5-inch display ensures that you can view your favorite soaps with ease. Equipped with a 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, you can use a microSD card to extend the memory to 128 GB. The 13 MP front and the rear camera is another endearing feature.
  • Samsung Galaxy On Max – The Samsung Galaxy On Max smartphone is one of the newest smartphones that is becoming increasingly popular. The 5.7-inch display, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 256 GB with a microSD card makes this smartphone a sensible choice.


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Top brands offering mattresses for pain relief

Does back pain bother you on an everyday basis? If so, it is high time you think about changing the mattress. If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, it will definitely worsen the back pain. A good mattress will ensure a proper sleeping posture and muscle relaxation, thereby improving your sleep quality.

Listed below are four major brands that offer best mattresses for pain relief.

  • Sealy mattress

Sealy has been one of the most well-known brands in the mattress market. A Sealy mattress is available with different options. Most of their mattresses have been receiving good reviews from users. One of the major pros of Sealy Mattress is its durability, which makes it worth a buy. The brand is one of the pioneers in introducing the innerspring technology. They have memory foam, latex, and hybrid foam mattresses. However, the Posturepedic Gel series from Sealy is recommended if you are aiming for lower back support.

  • Simmons Mattress

Another famous name among mattresses, Simmons, has introduced the series Beautyrest, which is a good option when you look for a mattress with better back support. The best feature of this mattress is that it helps in maintaining the natural alignment of the spine. It enables an independent suspension type of support and uses individually pocketed coils for the purpose.

  • Tempur Pedic

When you think of mattresses, Tempur Pedic makes another great choice. It offers a range of mattresses, which include pain-relieving types as well. The Tempur Pedic memory foam mattresses are reviewed as one of the best-recommended products for relieving pain. The brand uses high-quality components to ensure a comfortable sleep. You can choose a Tempur Pedic mattress topper as well if you wish to enhance the luxury of your bed.

  • Saatva Mattress

Saatva, one of the leading brands in mattresses, has its line of products focused on back pain sufferers. The brand has introduced its range of mattresses with Spinal Zone sleep technology to reduce back pain and stiffness.


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Types of Sealy mattresses you must know about before you make a purchase

They say that the quality of your sleep decides the productivity of your day. True or not, we all know that sleep is very important in our daily life. Making an investment to make your sleep comfortable is worth it and that explains why a branded mattresses, like a Sealy mattress or a Simmons mattress, is getting popular these days. If you are planning to buy a Sealy mattress for yourself, here is your buying guide.

A word about Sealy Mattress
Sealy has been famous for producing high-quality mattresses for quite a few years now. The company has introduced a number of popular mattresses in the US market, which have been widely accepted by people. Each of the Sealy products comes with a set of benefits for the user, and hence, Sealy mattress has become one of the popular mattress brands in the US.

There are four major categories of mattresses offered by Sealy. They are:

  • Sealy innerspring mattress: The company has been well acknowledged for producing high quality innerspring mattresses to give you comfortable sleep. This product is preferred mainly for its durability and the strong support it provides for the back. Titanium alloy coils are used inside the mattress and hence it stays with you for many years.
  • Sealy hybrid mattress: Sealy has been one of the pioneers is producing hybrid mattresses in bulk. The company has introduced different variations of its hybrid mattresses by combining memory foam and innersprings, and has constantly improved the quality of the product.
  • Sealy memory foam mattress: If you are someone who would like to have a cooling effect while sleeping, Sealy Gel Memory Foam Mattress would make an ideal choice. It has the ability to pull the heat away from your body and keep the mattress cool for a longer period of time. For reducing the heat, you can use the Tempur Pedic mattress topper as well.
  • Sealy latex foam mattress: For people who need extra support at different areas in the body, this would be a good recommendation. It is more resilient than other mattresses. It seems to be less rigid, but offers adequate support to the body.


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Best speed queen top load washers

With regards to a washing machine, a vast majority of us are inclined towards top load washers. The reason is that it is bigger, more proficient, and utilizes less water. One more explanation behind considering top load washers over others is that you don’t need to bend down to put in or take out garments from the machine. If you looking to buy a high-class top load machine, opt for the Speed Queen washer. It is better in configuration, better in execution, and offers a longer warranty as compared to others.

The four best Speed Queen top load washers include the following:

Speed Queen AWN432SP113

With three years of warranty, this top load Speed Queen washer comes with built-in stainless steel parts, thereby ensuring long-lasting and dependable performance.


  • Three-coat, commercial-grade finish
  • Spin tub rotation at 710 rpm
  • Full tub wash and rinse
  • 210º agitation with 68 strokes per minute
  • Galvanized steel cylinder

Speed Queen AWNE92SP113TW01

This Speed Queen washer is solid and has reliable engineering done, making it work efficiently for years. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Nine wash cycles
  • Extra rinse options
  • Bleach and fabric softener dispensers
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Auto temperature control

Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04

It comes with an automatic balancing system and has three layers of protection that gives it extra durability and speedy performance. It has a warranty of 3 years.


  • Comes with prewash and soak options
  • Four wash cycles
  •  Automatic balancing system
  • 3.3 cu. ft. capacity
  • 150 G-Force high-speed water extractions

Speed Queen AWN432S

This Speed Queen washer has commercial grade cabinet along with a heavy duty motor, which increases its performance to a great extent.


  • 17 wash cycles
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 3.3 cu. ft. capacity for a comfortable load
  • Spin speed of 710 RPM
  • 1/2 HP motor

Speed Queen washers are one of the best in terms of performance and durability. It’s over-the-mark performance and rigid equipment makes it top the market in comparison to its competitors.


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Tablets that have a long battery life

One of the most important features while buying a laptop or a tablet that most of us look for is a good battery life. This is especially true in the case of a tablet since it is portable and we generally carry it to most places. And we wouldn’t want to be lugging its charger everywhere with us.

While the American tech market has a number of great brands like HP, Apple, Asus, Samsung tablets, etc. that offer you some great tabs and even great deals on the same; do not forget to look at the number of charger-less hours (in other words, battery life) these tabs provide you with. To make life simpler for you, here is our list of tablets that offer users a great battery life:

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Living up to its brand standards, this Apple tab gives users a wonderfully-long battery life of about 13 hours and 55 minutes, for which an ode to its A10X Fusion CPU should be given.

  • iPad 9.7-inch

Apple tops the charts again with its 9.7-inch iPad, giving us a battery life of about 13 hours. Well, 12 hours and 59 minutes to be precise!

  • Amazon Fire HD 8

This tablet is not just known for its beautiful design but also for its long-lasting battery life of about 11 hours and 19 minutes.

  • Lenovo Yoga Book

A wonderfully innovative piece of technology, the Lenovo Yoga Book serves as a tablet and a laptop and gives users a long enough battery life of about 9 and a half hours.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This 9.7-inch, 2-in-1 Samsung tablet gives its users a battery life of about 8 hour 45 minutes and comes with a stylus, which makes it good for taking notes and drawing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is pretty well-known among most other Samsung tablets.

  • Huawei MediaPad M3

With a great sound system owing to its tie-up with Harmon Kardon, this Huawei tablet lasts for about 8 hours and 40 minutes when fully charged.

So now, whether it’s an Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Amazon, Huawei, or Samsung tablet, the choice is yours!


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Best tablets for the artist in you

A good number of Americans today operate as digital nomads (artists included) and therefore we thought to put together a list of some of the best graphics tablets. But, before we venture there, there are a few things you should know about a good graphics tablet.


A minimum size of 8.5-inches would be ideal for a graphics tablet as it gives you enough room to work comfortably. While some brands like Wacom start with a screen size of 8.25 inches, there are others like Samsung tablets that come with a screen size of about 10.1 inches.

Pressure Sensitivity

Preferably look for tablets with 2048 pressure levels or above as these help capture not just the motion of the S pen but also information with regards to the amount of pressure applied. While Huion tablets offer 2048 pressure levels, Samsung tablets and Wacom tablets offer higher pressure levels.


Tablets with control buttons on the S pen save up on time while allowing you to access your settings or shortcuts without having to navigate from the screen every time.

Now that we have a fair idea of what a graphics tablet should ideally have, let us take a look at a few good graphics tablets to unleash your creative streak:

  • Wacom Intous Draw

This one is perfect for entry-level digital artists.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 1024

  • Huion Inspiroy G10T

Being slim-built, this one is highly portable.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

Perfect for tracing and vectorizing illustrations, this Wacom tab makes for great hi-res images.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 8192

  • Ugee 1910B

This one is affordable, tilt-able, and comes with two S pens.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This Samsung tablet is loaded with a number of in-built drawing apps.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 4096

  • Artist 22E XP-Pen

This one comes with a rechargeable pen but is sadly not multi-touch.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Apple iPad Pro

While it has great accuracy, the Apple iPad Pro, unlike the Wacom and Samsung tablet, does not come with the S Pen.

So, pick the one you liked the most and give wings to your creativity.