All you need to know about organic makeup and skincare

Honey, pomegranate seed, green tea, coconut oil, goji berry, Shea butter, cane juice, peppermint, baobab leaf, coffee, sunflower seed, rosehip oil, and frangipani flower. What does this resemble, a grocery list? A list of plants at the garden nursery? It is neither. These are just a few super high-quality ingredients that go into the organic, all natural makeup and skincare product line of top selling brands like RoseMira, 100% Pure, Amala, Ox Box, Juice Beauty, LILFOX, Sprout Wellness, Herbivore Botanicals, Osea Malibu and a hundred others like them who are committed to providing exceptional formulas that are toxin-free, gluten-free, or vegan. These brands create makeup and skincare products that are free from synthetics, artificial scents, and dyes, parabens, and fillers.

For people who are aware and conscious of what goes into their skin, choosing between safe, wholesome and pure ingredients and a healthy, invigorating and refreshed skin is not a dilemma anymore. They can relax and find immense peace of mind knowing for sure that the organic makeup and skincare essentials that they support and use now are truly just that. Retaining their natural therapeutic benefits, the range of organic makeup and skincare merchandise that are essential to every woman’s daily routine is no longer an unthinkable alternative. In fact, there are countless reasons why brands offering natural skincare products must be supported because they do not just do us good, but also the environment, a huge favor.

New age makeup and skincare products do not contain harmful toxins whatsoever, but in fact are loaded with leaf, flower or seed extracts, and fruits and oils and just about anything that grows naturally, organically in a chemical-free soil and of course that do wonders on human skin. In addition, they are prepared in factories or laboratories that care enough to not test on animals and are passionate about cleaner and safer surroundings for not just us, but future generations as well. Naturally fragrant, nutrient-rich, gentle on skin, and better tasting even, the benefits of organic skincare are endless indeed.

Just remember, makeup and skincare products must work for your skin, not against it.



Top 3 natural makeup and skincare brands you should consider

Natural ingredients are the best option for fresh, radiant looking skin. They do wonders to keep our skin looking flawless and healthy. International cosmetic brands realize this and are flooding the market with an increasing range of natural, organic makeup and skincare products. Which of these natural brands can you actually rely on? You could choose from our list of natural makeup and skincare products that leave the skin smooth and luminous.

Burt’s Bee
Their cucumber-mint lip balm is refreshing to say it mildly. The tiny container is loaded with all natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, Shea butter and a host of other stuff that are 100% natural.

The Bare Peach, an all natural blush makeup from Burt’s Bee, intensifies your skin’s natural glow with bamboo, vitamin E, and honey. Created for everyday wear, this blush comes in three shades and is good for many skin tones.

100% Pure
For this brand, the name says it all. Their most pure, organic and all-natural line of cosmetics, beauty products, and skincare products are also vegan! Their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is anti-inflammatory and increases blood circulation to brighten dark circles. The organic aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, green coffee seed extract and oregano leaf in this eye cream helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate area around your eyes.

The Acai Pulp Facial Scrub is gentle but goes deep into your skin to give you a glowing, youthful complexion. Acai fruit extract, grape seed powder, sweet orange oil and honeysuckle flower extract form part of the potent formula that is used in this mask to provide intense nourishment for all skin types.

Afterglow Cosmetics
To deliver gorgeous, chemical-free makeup and skincare products this brand uses certified organic ingredients. The Infused Lip Love Lipstick that comes in five different shades of pink moisturizes, conditions, and protects your lips. The jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel, pomegranate seed and lemon peel oil are just a few of the long list of ingredients that are transparently displayed on their entire product range.

The Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refill Shades that includes a rich chocolate brown, creamy white, light-medium taupe brown, light cool pink and deep medium cool graphite gray hues highlights your eyes with ingredients that include olive fruit oil, goji berry, and rosemary leaf.



3 tips to enhance your eyeshadow application techniques

Creating a flawless eyeshadow look is something most women desire. The perfect eyeshadow not only enhances the look of your face but highlights your beautiful eyes. While you may have a lot of eyeshadow palettes lining your dressing area, attempting its application may leave you discouraged. From where to begin and which color is right, it can all lead to frustration. However, there are few points that are broken into simple tips to follow. Add these tips to your eyeshadow application techniques and you will be a pro in no time.

  • Get the perfect brushes
    If you have been using a small-sized sponge for your eyeshadow techniques, then it is time to invest in some good quality eyeshadow brushes. For the right blending, it is essential to have a good set of brushes as it will enhance your eye makeup to the next level. Different brushes have different functions. Add variants such as a flat stiff brush, pencil brush, stiff dome brush and fluffy dome brush to your collection. Having the right tools will automatically help you in executing the eyeshadow techniques.
  • Primer first!
    No matter which eyeshadow technique you employ, it will fall short if you do not apply a primer. The primer can battle several problems of smearing, creased lids and will help the eyeshadow color look better overall. However, if you do not have a primer, a concealer too will work as well and support your eyeshadow techniques wonderfully.
  • Up your game with white eyeshadow
    While this may come across as absurd, a white eyeshadow can truly enhance your eyeshadow look. Adding a white eyeshadow is a great technique as it will enable the eye colors to stand out and pop. You may find it difficult to get your hands on a white eyeshadow color in your palette and thus, you can also use a white eye pencil. Begin by applying the pencil all over your lid and then put on some eyeshadow to get the most attractive vibrant look.

Incorporating the above tips can aid in adding to your eyeshadow application techniques. The eyeshadow palette can intimidate you, but you can begin by picking just one shade for the pop of color. Keep going and it won’t be too long before you are perfect at the eyeshadow techniques and makeup game.



Steps to get your eyeshadow technique right

Eyeshadow can be one of the most fun parts of your eye makeup. More so when you know the right techniques to apply the eyeshadow. It is important to get the techniques right as eyeshadows can actually enhance the look of your eyes.

If you are not a pro at applying eyeshadows, you can start with getting the basics right by following some basics steps.

The first step in getting the eyeshadow application right is by understanding the placement of different shades of the eyeshadow. Start by dividing your eyelid into three parts. Each part will have a different shade of the eyeshadow. The inner corner of the eyelid should get the lightest shade. This will brighten up your eyes. The middle section of your eyelids should get the medium shade and the outer section/corner of your eyelid should get the darkest eyeshadow shade.

While you are applying the eyeshadows, apply the lightest shade first, medium shade second, and darkest shade last. Once you have applied all the shades to the lid, blend them all well. Blending them well is important as otherwise, the eyeshadow will give your eyes an abrupt look.

This is one of the most basic and easiest eyeshadow techniques that can transform the look of your eyes. Which shade gets more intensity ideally depends on your preference. However, you can make the medium shade to cover the most of your eyelid.

If you are not sure which shade to use in a majority on your eyelid, you can refer to eyeshadow makeup tutorials on the Internet to get a preference. You can try a different look using this eyeshadow technique to discover the look you like the best.

When you blend the eyeshadow colors, make sure you use a clear brush with no previous residue of any other eyeshadow. It is important to have a clear brush as it will not give out the wrong shade. You can finish your eye makeup look by adding a stroke of eyeliner. Again, the intensity of the eyeliner should be as per your preference. If you are not sure about the liner, start by applying a thin layer and gradually make it think as per the look you desire.



5 essential tips to take care of your cosmetics

Cosmetics have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Cosmetics not only enhance one’s beauty but also make them feel confident about their appearance. There is a wide range of cosmetics to choose from, each claiming that it’s better than the other. Once you like a cosmetic brand and it blends easily with your skin without causing allergies, you know you that you have found a reliable cosmetic brand to stick to. Buying the right cosmetics is an easy task, but taking care of these cosmetics is difficult. Here are some tips to take care of your cosmetics and ensure that they last longer.

  • Every cosmetic item that you will ever purchase will have instructions pertaining to its usage and storage. People mostly disregard these instructions, and the repercussions of this are that the cosmetics don’t last until its destinated date. So, ensure that you store your cosmetics in a cool, dry environment and not where they are exposed to warm, damp air.
  • Irrespective of how much you love your sibling or your best friend, do not share your cosmetics with them unless it is a body lotion or perfume. Sharing of eyeliners, mascara, Kohl, or lipsticks, can be harmful to your skin and eyes. If you share your eyeliner or mascara, you will be trading bacteria back and forth, and if it results in itchy eyes, your cosmetics are not to be blamed. So, keep your cosmetics to yourself.
  • If the foundation is a part of your dressing table ritual, pour it out on a palette and apply it with the brush. Sticking a brush into the bottle can contaminate it, and your foundation won’t last long. Remember, if your foundation isn’t right, the entire makeup will go wrong.
  • Lipsticks are the quintessential gamechanger; if you feel that your face looks dull, you apply a lipstick and you are a completely different person. However, your lipsticks are such cosmetics that need extra care. If it’s hot outside, you need to keep it in the fridge. If it has lost its creamy texture, it’s time to toss it in the dustbin.
  • If your cosmetics smell weird or are past their expiry date, throw them away since expired cosmetics have high levels of bacterial contamination. However, cosmetics can go bad before the expiry date due to improper storage or improper use.



5 luxury brands of cosmetics coveted by women globally

Cosmetics as beauty enhancers have been used for a long time. Although there are various brands across multiple price ranges, there are a few brands of cosmetics that add a touch of luxury. These luxury brands of cosmetics are valued by consumers all across the globe. With a high price tag, glamorous packaging, and ultra-stylish advertisements, these brands have worked at keeping their range of products exclusive. Here are five popular luxury brands of cosmetics loved by customers globally.

  • Clinique: Founded in 1968, Clinique was marketed as the first line of cosmetics that are tested for allergies and created by dermatologists. Clinique’s products are fragrance-free and are made to enhance the natural beauty of the user. Clinique offers one of the best cosmetics for sensitive skin. One of its most popular products is the Clinique 3-Step System that includes a liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion, and moisturizing gel.
  • bareMinerals: From Bare Escentuals, bareMinerals is one of the most popular minerals cosmetics brand. The range of cosmetics from this brand is perfect for those looking for natural cosmetic products. The products are available at specialty cosmetics stores, department stores, and boutiques of Bare Escentuals. The range of bareMinerals cosmetics includes lip colors, eyeshadow, blush, and foundation.
  • Sephora: Owned by luxury brand LVHM, Sephora was founded in 1969 in France. The range of products from this brand includes skincare, makeup, haircare, nail color, and fragrance. The brand also creates beauty accessories and tools. These products are in Sephora stores across various locations.
  • MAC Cosmetics: Founded in 1984, MAC Cosmetics created products only for make-up artists. However, now this brand creates products for everyone. It has become one of the most valuable brands in the cosmetics market. They have a line of products that are easy to use and ensure a complete makeover.
  • Estée Lauder: One of the most popular brands of luxury cosmetics, Estée Lauder creates what is known as prestige makeup products. Other products include hair care, skin care, and fragrances. This brand has been known to design some of the unique products. For instance, in 2017, they came up with a skincare collection called Re-Nutriv that contains extracts of black diamond truffle.