Ford F150 Truck-V8 vs V6

When you need to want to get yourself a pickup truck, it is a daunting task. There are many options, but you just cannot be sure which one to pick. In the midst of all this confusion, there are some trucks that we can depend on. Ford, Toyota, and Nissan offer some of the most reliable trucks in the industry.

Truck owners prefer the Ford F-150. Should they pick up the V8 engine or the V6 engine? It can be a difficult choice. Those who want to by a pickup truck in North America, the Ford F-150 portfolio works well. This is primarily because all truck variations come with four engines, all of them equally compelling.

Now, Ford has launched the next-gen 3.5-litre Eco Boost for 2017. This one has a twin turbo and would be a killer machine. It might come slightly costly at $750 to $2,950. The good news is that it would be mated to a new 10-speed transmission. Although Ford will soon come out with their 3.0L diesel pickup truck, here is a question. If you had to choose from the V6 and the V8, which one would you pick?

Those who have driven the 4×4 F-150s regularly say that each engine behaves differently and so it is never a good idea to rely on them blindly. However, these engines have some evident strengths. The V6 is meant for the BorgWarner turbo. So it is smooth when it started and till it is slow. The truck goes zero to 100 km quickly, which benefits the working of the machine.

For those who have faith in Ford’s engine development, you can rest assured that towing becomes comfortable with both of them. However, if you are looking for something that is less noisy and more powerful, V8 should be your choice. Automatic start/stop technology of the engines comes standard with the 2.7.

The transition from ‘off’ to ‘on’ is almost immediate here. So be careful of taking your foot off the break. Both these options are good and value for your money.



Key Safety Features to look in for in a Diesel Pickup Truck

As a diesel pickup truck owner, you must be worried about your safety while undertaking any professional assignment. Your diesel pickup truck should be well-equipped to deal with any emergency which might arise at any point.

Below we list key safety features which your diesel pickup truck is equipped with. You might not be aware of these, read through this post and you will know more about the diesel pickup truck, you have been driving around.

Disk Anti-lock Brakes: Any diesel pickup truck can handle the heavy load as it has high strength steel frame which can absorb the shock of any collision. The diesel pickup truck is equipped with disk anti lock brakes which prevent the wheel from locking when you might have to hit the brakes suddenly on a sharp turn.

Central Locking system: The central locking system in your diesel pickup truck has also been intelligently designed. The central locking system prevents the vehicle from opening through any illegal means. This safety measure is of paramount importance since, at times, you might have to take supplies to isolated patches where the diesel pickup truck might have to be parked for a longer duration. Be assured that the comprehensive central locking system is capable of securing your truck, even when you are not around.

Side Curtain Airbags and Door Beams: Airbags can prove to be the difference between life and death, in case your diesel pickup truck meets with an accident. The side curtain airbags in your truck deploy downwards and cover the side windows. Owing to the presence of these airbags, you can be assured that risk of any injury is highly reduced whenever any accident occurs.

The door beams in your diesel pickup truck have been designed in such a manner that it will absorb the impact of any unintended force and will direct it away from the passenger who is seated sideways.

The diesel pickup truck is also equipped with hill start to assist and rain brake support which will keep you safe and ensure that you return to your home safe after completing any professional assignment. Head confidently to your next task and be assured that your diesel pickup truck is safe for undertaking any task.



Generating Business with Diesel Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks add worth to your business. Because any business owner has to drive throughout the day to meet different needs and having a reliable diesel pickup truck seems to be a worthy proposition.

There is a range of options when it comes to choosing the appropriate diesel pickup truck which meets your requirement. Choose from the below-listed options and give your business a new lease of life.

Pickup trucks from Chevrolet: Chevrolet has come up with a diesel pickup truck which comes with a 6.6-litre V-8 diesel engine churning around 397 horsepower. This is a mid-size pickup truck and will meet all your imminent business needs without fail.

Pickup trucks from Ford: The light duty diesel truck from Ford has its biggest advantage regarding torque and power. The truck also gives an impressive fuel economy statistics, with some averaging 18-19 mpg. In comparison, many others in the same league give only 12-13 mpg. This makes the diesel pickup trucks from Ford fuel efficient by over 25 percent as compared to others.

Pickup trucks from Nissan: Nissan has also come up with its turbo engine diesel pickup truck. The truck has a 5.0-liter V-i8 turbo diesel engine which gives a torque in the range of mid-500lb-ft.

Pickup trucks from RAM: This is another brand in the list of diesel pickup trucks which comes in a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 engine. Known for its speed and elegance, RAM has gained popularity since its launch.

Pickup trucks from Chevrolet Colorado: The fuel economy ratings of Chevrolet Colorado are unmatchable. It gives 22mpg in city conditions and 30 mpg in the outdoors. The pickup truck from Chevrolet is powered by a 2.8-liter diesel engine which gives 181 horsepower and produces 369 pounds feet of torque.

Pickup trucks from GMC Canyon: Pickup trucks from GMC Canyon have all the amenities which you could expect in any luxury vehicle. With it having upscale leather seats and advanced safety features including forward collision warning and lane departure warning, you can be rest assured about your safety.

Choose any of the above-listed diesel pickup trucks and watch your business scale new heights, as never before.



3 popular compact cars

Mahindra e2o hatchback (2016-2017)
Similar to the Renault Twizy, the Mahindra e2o happens to be an electric car, but unlike the Twizy, it also has proper doors and windows–a feature missing in the Twizy. It also happens to have two small rear and front boots, but these features do not make it a smart compact car. Long journeys are not possible with the Mahindra e20 hatchback due to its limited 79-mile range. Adults in the back seat will not exactly be comfortable due to the small leg room. The vehicle is long enough at just 3,278mm, without posing a problem for parking. A top off service offered is a mobile mechanic who can take care of the e2o’s annual services.

Toyota Aygo hatchback
Very similar to the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 is the Toyota Aygo. All three can be considered very similar and fall in the same segment. The Toyota Aygo hatchback measures 3,455mm from nose to tail, making it only ever so slightly shorter than the Citroen, which measures 3,466mm and the Peugeot that measures 3,475mm. All three even cost almost the same as the SEAT/Skoda/VW trio. They are, however, larger on the outside but have smaller boots, look good on the streets and provide the option of a fold-back roof panel that gives a surprisingly convertible look and aspect without the cost and complexity of an actual convertible.

Peugeot iOn hatchback
The Peugeot iOn hatchback comes with a high purchase price, which has made it a rare sight on the road despite being a compact, all-electric car. It has enough space for four people. The rear seats can be folded to make for a bigger boot. Long journeys are difficult, if not impossible, with the battery’s 93-mile range that gets depleted as per use. A 166-litre boot is available, although smaller than the others in the segment.

Designed well, the car has a feature where the weight of the battery steadies the car on sharp corners as compared to narrower and taller contemporary vehicles. Performance on the city roads is good.



Things you need to know about compact cars around the world

In American terms, a compact car is a classification of cars that are smaller than mid-sized cars but larger than the subcompact category of cars. These are known as family cars in Britain and fall under the C-segment in Europe.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for the US and the international models respectively, defines the current compact car size, as approximately 4,100 mm (161 in) and 4,450 mm (175 in) long for hatchbacks.

Passenger car classes are primarily defined on the basis of interior volume index or seating capacity, except the automobiles that are classified as a special vehicle.

For convertibles, these figures change to 4,400 mm (173 in) and 4,750 mm (187 in) long while sedans, estate cars, and station wagons.

Sports utility vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles and that are based on the structure of small family cars that are also known as compact MPVs and compact SUVs come with similar sizes that range from 4,200 mm (165 in) to 4,500 mm (177 in) in the U.S.

For international base models, these figures change to 4,400 mm (173 in) to 4,700 mm (185 in).

These norms change from place to place, for example in Japan, any vehicle that is 3,400 mm-4,700 mm long, 1,480 mm-1,700 mm wide, and 2,000 mm high and comes with an engine of 660 cc-2,000 cc are known as compact cars. The dimension standards are surprisingly absolute, and no special consideration is made for CUV’s, SUV’s, station wagons, minivans, or hatch backs.

The term compact car in itself is a largely North American term that denotes an automobile that is larger than a subcompact car but smaller than a mid-size car.

The compact car segment in the US holds a world wide market share of sixteen percent and the segment is mostly dominated by import models.

The wheelbases of compact cars fall between 100 inches (2,540 mm) and 109 inches (2,769 mm).



Chevy Silverado-Excellence, only if you are vigilant

Chevrolet Silverado is a known name for its modernization and safety. Time and again they have also focused on being careful while driving. They believe that even if all the possible safety measures have been provided to you, the eventual safety comes with you own vigilance. They always focus on keeping your eyes on the road while driving, for it takes not more than a second for any accident to happen.

One second of careless is all it takes to end your life. This one second of carelessness is not something that only costs you, but it affects your loved ones also. So, Chevrolet Silverado gives you everything, in return for a single promise of being very careful.

Various safety assistance tools have been provided in Silverado. They include low-speed forward automatic braking; lane keeps assist, forward collision alert and safety alert driver seat. So, you have got a whole lot of assistance here, but you can only be safe if you go along with them, if you trust them and never do something contradicting to what is being indicated to you.

You also have got a front and rear park assist. This ensures a safe, quick and easy parking. Rear vision camera and side blind zone alert are also of great assistance to you here. So, with all these features, Chevrolet Silverado has done all it could to ensure your safety. The rest all depends on you.

We have also got six standard safety bags and high-strength steel safety cage. This very sturdy exterior is like a shield for you; it protects you from any possible damage you could have to go through if stuck in a bad road situation. You can buy a super safe and comfortable car, but the eventual safety depends on you. You can even go on a trip with your family in this very comfortable car, with the amazingly luxurious interior. It is always there to keep you and your family safe. All you have to do is be vigilant towards the surroundings and the road.



Chevy Silverado – your new family member

You buy a lot of things for your daily use. Many of them expire soon, and the others like some electronic products could be harmful to you. But not Chevrolet Silverado. It is something which cares for you just like you family does; you need not doubt its reliability. Also, with it comes to some extra perks which not every pickup truck can provide you.

But at the top of all this, it provides you with a safety which may be hard to find anywhere else. But also, unlike family, you need not care a lot about its well being. It means that it is quite sturdy and you will certainly not end up losing a lot of money in its maintenance.

Now, along with being super safe, the Chevrolet Silverado is quite smart too. It will help you feel connected on the road by using its MyLink. MyLink helps you use Bluetooth for making hand free calls, streaming music and setting up your playlists.

You’ll be thoroughly entertained while on the road. There is a very innovative charging pad built into the center armrest. This is like your rescuer in difficult times. Imagine having no lead to charge your phone and your battery is dead.

Whether you buy a small product for daily use or a big vehicle, the price will always be of importance to you. Sometimes, you like the product, but the price range may be beyond your reach. So, it is necessary to know it beforehand.

Only after you know the price is in your budget, you will make other inquiries regarding the product. The Chevrolet Silverado price starts from $ 27,785. Please note that there are currently no cash rebates available for the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

If this is exactly what you want to buy, contact the agency providing the Chevrolet Silverado dealership. After all, the Chevy Silverado sales records show it all; that this is something you won’t regret buying. What are you thinking? Just grab it!



Chevrolet trucks- Your Off-road companion

Any vehicle can go along with you on the roads. But, there are very few ones which will not leave your side even when there are no roads. Such a vehicle is the Colorado ZR2 by Chevrolet. This is exactly why Chevrolet has been such a trustworthy name. Even after riding in those harsh conditions for a long time, it’ll smooth up in the city. You may choose between desert, mud or mountains; all you need to have is a Chevrolet truck.

Chevrolet trucks have been there for as long as you can remember. With the passage of time, they have grown: both in market and size. But, who would have thought back then that there will be such a truck which can even function smoothly in an off-road area? Chevrolet has it for you, with its Colorado ZR2. And all this starting at just $40,995.

But that is not all. The truck is loaded unique capabilities also some other features which you may not want to compromise with. The interior is very luxurious looking and of premium quality. Powerful engines, high towing capacity, and excellent fuel efficiency. Chevrolet has just anything and everything.

You may sometimes pay a high price for a Chevrolet pickup truck, but it will eventually be beneficial for you as it will be equally long-lasting. Isn’t this what a customer always looks for? That the price paid should be worth it. This is what Chevrolet is trying to provide you with.

So, may it be durability, fuel efficiency, or that very good looking interior, Chevrolet is the right place for you. All you need to do is seek for a nearby dealer; they’ll guide you through the rest. You can then choose from many available choices. The off-road trucks are the unique ones which you may not find anywhere else. Chevrolet provides you what others don’t.

Chevrolet has been doing it for years, and customers are what they do it for. So, whenever you need to buy a truck, Chevrolet trucks is the first thing you should think about. Because, along with all the standard features, they also provide you with off-road stuff.



Chevrolet is all about your preference

Chevrolet has been a big name in the pickup truck market for last few decades. Not only it is quite robust and long-lasting, but you also have an option of selecting exactly the kind of vehicle you are looking for. The Chevrolet truck range is so diverse that each one of you will find something of your liking.

Some of you want a fuel-efficient truck; some prefer one with all the modern updates and the other worry about safety. There is everything you need here. This is one of the reasons that chevy truck sale has inflated over the years. This is the reason that Chevrolet is a preferred name that comes to mind when in need of a pickup truck.

Looking for America’s most fuel-efficient pickup truck? Chevrolet has that for you too. It’s the Colorado. With a maximum highway range of 630 miles per tank, towing capacity of 7,700 lbs, it has left its competitors far behind. Then we have Silverado 1500 with its high strength steel.

You can always trust it with your safety. It offers some V8 engines with best-in-class horsepower. The fuel economy won’t disappoint you. The Silverado 2500 is well above it, and you can always count on it. The new Chevy truck prices won’t disappoint you as they are for the product quality. The new Chevy trucks sale is rising as you get quality: exactly what you pay for.

Chevrolet has made sure that you always gain in Chevy truck deal. If you want fuel efficient, that is what you get. You can add other features according to your preference and budget. Wanting to use the truck for personal purposes? Get the best of interiors that make you want to spend time with your Chevy.

At the top of that, you can always trust Chevrolet. With any choice you make, you are sure of getting home safe. That is, Chevrolet in addition to your carefulness will ensure your safety. So, visit Chevrolet and make your own choice. State what are you in need of, and you’ll most likely find it here.



Places to go for getting a Chevy

Chevrolet is well known for its quality products. But good quality products are not everything when you are talking about getting a pickup truck. You need to know where to go; otherwise, you may end up getting a bad deal on a good product. Chevrolet has various dealership locations throughout the country, and Earnhardt Chevrolet in Chandler is one of the largest Chevrolet locations. Here, you can find everything there is about trucks and cars. You can get both used and new trucks, cars, and SUVs along with any accessories you require. This huge location has it all.

This location serves over 300,000 customers and has been serving customers since 1978. The best part is that the location is the drive, which is less than 5 minutes to three major highways, something which has and continues to be a convenient location for the customers; both existing and new. They have got a huge variety of used trucks. All you have to do is take a test drive. You could grab a great deal in a used truck.

The staff members are all very cooperative and helping. There are over 250 employees working at Earnhardt Chevrolet, and they are all there to provide best services to their customers. Here, you get a total variety of deals on what Chevrolet provides. You could go for a sports car or a long lasting truck like Silverado. Moreover, Earnhardt’s accessory department has a whole range of good quality accessories. The opportunity to save up to 60% on these accessories is just a bonus.

So, there is absolutely nothing that Chevy truck dealers cannot provide you with. From the amazing quality products to the world class service, they have it all. Whether you are thinking about buying a new truck or an old one, all you need to do is contact Chevrolet truck dealers and then pay a visit. You could have a look at the trucks, and even have a test drive. You will always be served with the best here.