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Mission strives to cut through the noise that clutters your search and become a one stop destination for all your queries.


Keeping it simple is the underlining framework of and there is no place for jargon here. Whether it’s information on something niche like nursing schools or generic like the best new smartphone to buy – you’ll find it all here – and that is now we intend to keep it. Crisp, to the point and only relevant content is how we plan to take this forward. Ensuring that we’re up to date on all that you need to know, from finance questions during tax time to best gifts to buy during the holiday season – you can expect us to have all answers.

What we do

The Internet is the most easily accessible and the most popular source of information. No matter what the query, you will eventually find an answer for it – either immediately or buried somewhere in the numerous pages your preferred search engine throws up. You might on occasion need to alter your search query using synonyms or iterations or various possible combinations to find what you’re looking for.

Once found, this information can sometimes be misleading or unclear. At, we’ve tried our best to address this issue. We’ve ensured that all information on the site is well-researched and accurate and meets your requirements. Written and vetted by our eagle-eyed team of writers and experts, all the information you will find on this site is tailored to suit your needs and tries its best to answer your query in the best possible way.


Our team consists of an ever-increasing group of like-minded people from vastly diverse backgrounds. The focal point and sole purpose is to make information easily available and easier to understand. Specialised writers, researchers and those with a background in business and technology make up the very strong foundation of this team.

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If you have a passion for research and writing, you’re at the right place. If you have experience as a writer, you already have your foot in the door! Experience with business and technology will push you right to the top of the list. Mail us at with your resumé and we’ll be happy to review it.