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Five types of automobile floor mats you should know

April 25, 2018

Five types of automobile floor mats you should know

Automobile floor mats are also called as vehicle mats that are designed to protect a vehicle floor from dirt, wear, and corrosion. While some floor mats can be easily used, removed, and replaced; others have fixation points, ensuring they remain fixed in position.

Following are the five main types of automobile floor mats based on the type of materials:

Premium fabric mats
These types of automobile floor mats are stitched with high-quality fabric. These mats comprise of cushions that are comfortable and water impermeable. They are easy to use and can be replaced. They can be washed with any normal detergent. Premium fabric mats are usually offered as standard features in new cars. You can, however, purchase these separately from auto accessory stores.

Transparent rubber mats
The latest addition to the automobile accessories are the transparent rubber mats. They are made up of transparent plastic matter. Transparent plastic mats easily resist heat and water and they can be easily placed on the floors. Their benefits can usually be seen during rainy season as they are able to retain mud and water from the passenger’s shoes.

Synthetic rubber mats
These are the most common types of automotive floor mats and are made of high-tensile synthetic rubber which easily withstands daily wear and tear. The material used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber mats is moisture-proof and does not let a drop of moisture pass through them and reach the metal floor.

Nomad mats
There are several auto accessory companies that manufacture nomad mats. They are capable of soaking and trapping water, mud, and grime easily. Nomad mats look similar to floor mats that are found outside homes and offices.

Car vinyl mats
These automobile floor mats are designed to prevent the car floor from the damage that can be caused to the cars during monsoon. Since they are transparent, they can be placed on the stock carpets that are provided with the car. Car vinyl mats do not wear out in the long run, thereby keeping the metal floor dry irrespective of the weather.

Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind while choosing automobile floor mats:

  • Some mats that deplete water in the carpet can lead to rust, fungi, and stale smell.
  • Automobile mats that slip due to wear and tear can possibly jam the pedals. This can be a safety concern, thus, it is better to replace them immediately.
  • Prefer purchasing automobile floor mats from renowned auto accessory stores as they guarantee quality products that long last and are value for money.

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