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3 popular compact cars

3 popular compact cars

Mahindra e2o hatchback (2016-2017)
Similar to the Renault Twizy, the Mahindra e2o happens to be an electric car, but unlike the Twizy, it also has proper doors and windows–a feature missing in the Twizy. It also happens to have two small rear and front boots, but these features do not make it a smart compact car. Long journeys are not possible with the Mahindra e20 hatchback due to its limited 79-mile range. Adults in the back seat will not exactly be comfortable due to the small leg room. The vehicle is long enough at just 3,278mm, without posing a problem for parking. A top off service offered is a mobile mechanic who can take care of the e2o’s annual services.

Toyota Aygo hatchback
Very similar to the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 is the Toyota Aygo. All three can be considered very similar and fall in the same segment. The Toyota Aygo hatchback measures 3,455mm from nose to tail, making it only ever so slightly shorter than the Citroen, which measures 3,466mm and the Peugeot that measures 3,475mm. All three even cost almost the same as the SEAT/Skoda/VW trio. They are, however, larger on the outside but have smaller boots, look good on the streets and provide the option of a fold-back roof panel that gives a surprisingly convertible look and aspect without the cost and complexity of an actual convertible.

Peugeot iOn hatchback
The Peugeot iOn hatchback comes with a high purchase price, which has made it a rare sight on the road despite being a compact, all-electric car. It has enough space for four people. The rear seats can be folded to make for a bigger boot. Long journeys are difficult, if not impossible, with the battery’s 93-mile range that gets depleted as per use. A 166-litre boot is available, although smaller than the others in the segment.

Designed well, the car has a feature where the weight of the battery steadies the car on sharp corners as compared to narrower and taller contemporary vehicles. Performance on the city roads is good.

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