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Ford F150 Truck-V8 vs V6

August 2, 2017

Ford F150 Truck-V8 vs V6

When you need to want to get yourself a pickup truck, it is a daunting task. There are many options, but you just cannot be sure which one to pick. In the midst of all this confusion, there are some trucks that we can depend on. Ford, Toyota, and Nissan offer some of the most reliable trucks in the industry.

Truck owners prefer the Ford F-150. Should they pick up the V8 engine or the V6 engine? It can be a difficult choice. Those who want to by a pickup truck in North America, the Ford F-150 portfolio works well. This is primarily because all truck variations come with four engines, all of them equally compelling.

Now, Ford has launched the next-gen 3.5-litre Eco Boost for 2017. This one has a twin turbo and would be a killer machine. It might come slightly costly at $750 to $2,950. The good news is that it would be mated to a new 10-speed transmission. Although Ford will soon come out with their 3.0L diesel pickup truck, here is a question. If you had to choose from the V6 and the V8, which one would you pick?

Those who have driven the 4×4 F-150s regularly say that each engine behaves differently and so it is never a good idea to rely on them blindly. However, these engines have some evident strengths. The V6 is meant for the BorgWarner turbo. So it is smooth when it started and till it is slow. The truck goes zero to 100 km quickly, which benefits the working of the machine.

For those who have faith in Ford’s engine development, you can rest assured that towing becomes comfortable with both of them. However, if you are looking for something that is less noisy and more powerful, V8 should be your choice. Automatic start/stop technology of the engines comes standard with the 2.7.

The transition from ‘off’ to ‘on’ is almost immediate here. So be careful of taking your foot off the break. Both these options are good and value for your money.

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