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Ford’s 2017 Escape specials

August 16, 2017

Ford’s 2017 Escape specials

Ford’s Escape has been having a strong popularity in the crossover SUV segment and stands out the best with its competitors the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 because of its excellent performance and reliability. Given its seven-year period on the market, the 2017 edition has undergone significant changes that provide the updating required. The top ten changes are:

  • Improved style on the grille is not only aesthetically appealing but also dynamic towards the car’s performance.
  • An updated interior that is styled with luxury trim materials and airier vents. Ford has put on an electronic parking brake and made a storage space in place of the center console.
  • User-friendly and modernly flexible infotainment system that is easy to sync with smart phones. Better climate controls that are packed to be refreshing.
  • Comfortable leg room. This is slightly higher than what was already existent on Ford’s previous model.
  • Decent cargo space and the back seat can be easily folded for a flat line.
  • Shift to a 1.5-liter turbo charged engine that provides better fuel economy and accelerates smoothly.
  • Has an optional 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine that is significant regarding power and almost similar on mileage.
  • The new model of Ford Escape is better regarding agility. The optional sports model has the custom 19” wheels that flatten out the ride for harder terrains.
  • While benefits were additional accessories, the Titanium trim has better standard installations like the leather upholstery, hands-free tailgate (just kick under the bumper to open the boot space) feature. Also with lane departure warning and assistance, adaptive cruise control, and a semi-automated self-parking system (that allows for the driver to just power the gas, brake, and shifter, and the car will maneuver itself into the spot).
  • The best fit for its price and its class. Shop around the market, and the deals on the Escape are exclusive and not all present in any other model in this class.

The Ford Escape offers a pure and elegant driving experience that is both visually appealing and self-satisfactory.

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