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Getting the new Toyota Camry 2017? Know these facts

August 2, 2017

Getting the new Toyota Camry 2017? Know these facts

Over the years, the Toyota Camry 2017 has walked into the hearts of American car users and motor enthusiasts. The Camry has been a popular pick thanks to the space it offers on the inside as well as the dependability. Users also say that the Camry is a fun ride. Overall, the new Toyota Camry 2017 like other older variants offers a very sporty feel.

What’s on offer on the new Toyota Camry 2017?
The latest model comes with a higher level of trim. In addition, it comes inbuilt with a top end sound system from JBL. Therefore, as a buyer, you get the premium JBL sound system. Value for money is guaranteed with such a wow addition.

Make sure you note that there has been no styling revamp or any change to the line-up of the engine on the new Toyota Camry 2017.

Toyota has always taken dependability as a USP
Reliability is indeed unmatched to the point you fun on the Camry. The right maintenance gets your car past ten 300,000-mile mark easily without much issues being caused. There are rarely any major issues on the electrical or mechanical bits or electrical. Therefore, you will barely have much heck when it comes to maintaining the car.

Therefore, as a Camry owner, your repairs will have not much of your moolah. Additionally, fuel efficiency is a good bonus on the new Toyota Camry 2017 edition. The 4-cylinder engine for the base model gives you about 25 mpg while driving in town and about 35 mpg while on the highway.

The engine tuning is for unleaded petrol for all models and variants. The latest model is by far the one with the maximum sportiness. The suspension is sports tuned and helps the car to remain balanced while on the road.

The fascia on the front is aggressive when compared to its earlier counterparts. The wheels are of the 18-inch variety. The Toyota Camry sales in 2017 have been increasing. So, go zoom ahead with the Toyota Camry 2017 and experience dependability up close and real.

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