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New SUVs coming up in 2018

New SUVs coming up in 2018

Recent auto shows featured some automotive manufacturers unveiling an impressive lineup of new SUV and cars for 2018. Fancy and sleek designs, upgraded safety features, luxury crossovers, increased cabin room…Whatever you are looking for when you buy your new SUV, these models coming up offer you what you seek at a range of prices to suit all budgets.

The Lincoln Navigator offers an automatic four-wheel drive with unleaded premium twin turbo V6 engines that promise a smooth ride with excellent fuel efficiency. Price band begins upwards of US$72,000.

Coming up from Alfa Romeo is the sleek and stylish Stelvio which like all its predecessors is expected to offer a high power performance. Ease of handling and very good acceleration are pluses of the Stelvio which starts off at a base price of US$ 42000.

The Audi Q5, a long time favorite in the SUV segment is all set to enter the market in a redesigned avatar, come 2018. The cabin interiors have been refurbished, and a user-friendly infotainment system is also a feature of the new Q5. With an upgraded engine and enhanced safety features Audi’s Q5 offers excellent driving comfort and handling.

Coming up in a redesigned version is the new BMW X3, a car to be watched out for in the new SUV category. 2018 will mark the third generation of the BMW X3. The all wheel driving system has been made a standard feature on all 2018 models, and the X3 also features an upgraded four and six cylinder power train. The 2018 model of the X3 will also see the removal of the diesel option.

With it’s below $ 40,000 base price, the Buick Enclave combines luxury features with affordable pricing. While the new SUV, Enclave can seat up to seven passengers quite comfortably, it also offers a largely sized hold for cargo. Although bigger than previous models the new 2018 Enclave is lighter overall and has a smaller turning radius making it easier to maneuver.

With manufacturers aiming at offering more affordable cars increasingly to cater to families, 2018 promises to be a good year for new SUVs.

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