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Why mountain biking is better than road biking

August 14, 2017

Why mountain biking is better than road biking

If you love bikes, you love riding them to different places. Bikes these days are equipped for long travels and make for a great getaway. Do you prefer road biking or mountain biking? There can be many pros and cons to either of them. Let’s take a look at both these and why we feel mountain biking is better than road biking. Here are our five reasons to choose mountain biking over road biking:

  • There’s always lesser traffic! It’s a big one. You can always push your mellow your bike to go past the greens without the hassle of being stuck in traffic snarls. It’s so easy to take your steel booty of 4,000 pounds at 70 miles an hour. Keep it at a safe distance from everything around.
  • Mountain biking has to be good for health. The clean breeze is sufficient reason to choose mountain biking over road biking. You are away from the hustle of vehicles that are busy emitting CO2. Protecting your lungs is a big reason to avoid the roads
  • Taking your bike to a mountain suits the explorers like you who can choose from so many riding styles. There is cross-country biking, all-mountain biking, freeride, downhill and lift-assisted. Three-wheel bikes are also popular in the mountains.
  • For some solitude away from your hectic life schedule, mountain biking is the perfect solution. You can visit remote places, explore smaller villages and take nature trails along the way. Enjoy the outdoors with your bike and relish the peace of nature.
  • Want to avoid the Type A? Mountain biking tends to attract bikers who want to take it easy. If you want to avoid the competitive racers, mountain biking is a great option.
  • Believe it or not, mountain biking is a better workout. As you spin at a high cadence for a longer duration on the hills, it means you are getting exercise. The cardiovascular fitness of the rider is improved because of the spinning. In fact, it is known that mountain biking needs you to be fit.

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