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How Pep Boys came to be what it is today

How Pep Boys came to be what it is today

Back in the year 1921, for buddies from Navy spotted the emerging market for auto supplies stores and somehow managed to pool $800 to open a store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, Pep Boys have been ahead of its time in the world of auto supply business, withstanding several economic crisis that has occurred in the country and have emerged as global leaders in the widely known aftermarket auto parts and service brands in the Country today.

Emanual Manny Rosenfeld, two Moes- Maurice Moe Strauss and Moe Radavitz- and W. Graham Jack Jackson chipped in $200 each to start the business. With car ownership skyrocketing, following the introduction of the assembly line production of the Ford Model T, Strauss saw a need for an auto accessories store and knew with the right partners he could make it happen. The founders rented a store at 7-11 North 63rd Street in West Philadelphia, but it still needed a name.

As the foursome initially set up their store, Moe’s eye fell on a carton of Pep Valve Grinding compound and suggested Pep. Pep Auto Supply Company was the company’s name its first two years. The current, famous Pep Boys name emerged in pieces, partly coming from a Philadelphia police officer who encouraged people to visit the boys at Pep and a cross-country trip to Los Angeles that inspired the Manny, Moe & Jack moniker from a dress shop. Radivitz and Jackson eventually left the business a short time later, and Strauss’ brother eventually took on the role of Jack.

Impeccable planning has indeed kept the company safe during the great depression. Even during the depression, Americans has to spend money on their cars, keeping the aftermarket suppliers in business. Pep Boys also sold non auto accessories, including radio supplies and bicycles that made sense for their customer base. Even during the depression, the company did not cut back or lay off personnel, run up debt, or sell out to a competitor. Instead, it doubled its strength by expanding to California.

Pep Boys are widely known for their remarkable product line and service called Pep Boys Tires’. Since 2009, Pep Boys has focused on the development of service and tire centers within its existing markets as its primary growth strategy. Receiving raving reviews for their tire services, Pep Boys remain on top of the food chain for national presence and customer service. Their website is considered as one of the most comprehensive e-shopping model for tires.

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