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Toyota Princeton service coupons

Toyota Princeton service coupons

Every car owner has to go through the phase of repairs and services after they purchase a new car. As a part of productive service and extensively attracting customers most of the vehicle service centers offer various range coupons and discounts. This service is celebrated among the customers as it helps to cut down the price with coupons or provides the two or more services for a cheaper rate. Visit Toyota Princeton today to get an amazing deal on your Toyota service and maintenance. While they already offer competitive pricing on Toyota parts and services, their service specials will help you save more.

Oil & filter change special:
Vehicle manufactures recommend vehicle users to change oil every 6 months. Though Oil change can be done by yourself by referring to the user’s manual giving it for a service by an authorized dealer is the best option. Toyota Princeton offers a $29 coupon for changing engine oil with genuine Toyota bulk oil and also change oil filter and replace with genuine Toyota filters. Hardly few local service centers will have the original Toyota parts or they will simply try to fix low graded spare parts and charge you the rate of the original.

A/C refresher service:
A/C system installed in your car can lose up to 15% of its refrigerant every year. This may cause serious impact on the performance of the A/C and damages the components involved in the A/C unit. Toyota Princeton provides A/C refresher service for $99 to install a new air conditioning power foam and refresher kit to eliminate odors and kills bacteria and mold that grows inside the air conditioning box leaving clean fresh breathable air.

4-wheel alignment:
When you feel that your car is sliding to one side while driving it is an indication of necessary wheel alignment. Another sign is when you find that one tire is worn more than others. General rule is to get the wheel alignment checked once is 6000 miles or 6 months. To check your wheel alignment is much easier with Toyota Princeton’s 4-wheel alignment coupon which offers a discount of $20 for the services such as adjust toe-in front and rear to factory specification, inspect shock absorbers / struts and suspension, inspect steering linkage, check caster and camber, check and adjust tire air pressure, inspect tires and also road test vehicle.

Brake special:
The brake system is the most important safety system that your vehicle has. Being able to slow down or stop your vehicle avoids incidents and accidents. And if the brakes are not properly checked or damaged it will probably not be effective during a panic stop situation. So, get your brakes checked at Toyota Princeton and make use of the offer they provide- 10% off on any brake services purchased. All the services will not be the same and the offers may change in time.

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