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5 best haircuts for thin hair that boost volume

5 best haircuts for thin hair that boost volume

If you’re looking for hair volume, the first place to start is by getting a great haircut.

Go for a haircut with right shape that adds extra volume. Thin hair can look boring and lifeless without the right style. There are ways to make your thin hair look fuller with viable techniques and the right styling.

Check out the 5 best haircuts for thin hair that help boost volume and increase the density of strands:

Lustrous Layers
Long hair generally thins towards the end and the thinning of hair becomes evident. A layered cut is a fabulous way to spice up any hair health and style. Try light layers with a wavy texture. They can make a big difference. Subtly layered haircut gives out an organic texture. You can also try the waterfall layers for adding that extra oomph. Another way to do this is to have the layers start at the chin and add natural highlights.

The Messy Bob
The messy bob has been building an edge over the last few seasons. They are super chic, easy to style, trendy, and convenient. The messy bob suits all ages and faces and is mostly recommended for women with thin hair. You can opt for a curly bob which is a medium short bob with layers and light curls around the head. Or even a blunt bob with messy waves. A cute layered messy bob hairstyle goes a long way in making your hair look thicker. You can always experiment with A-line messy bob with blunt ends or a messy bob stacked with bangs.

A Ruffled Lob
The easiest way to add volume to your hair is by using textures. Choppiness increases texture and gives the illusion of fuller hair. If you’re wondering what a lob is, it is nothing but a long bobbed hair that has a longer cut than a bob. Try a ruffled lob with light layers and feathered ends giving you the edge in styling. A slight uneven lob grazing over your shoulder adds shape to your thin hair. Any of these ruffled lob hairstyles work splendidly as volume boosters.

Raging Locks
Long lush locks or curls and spirals look gorgeous and generally flatter most women. Try full locks or lush curls at the bottom. This adds more bounce and volume that your hair can experience for days. Adding wave to your hair is an unbeatable way to amp the volume. Use light gel or sculpting cream to twist the ends for the trick.

Super-Strong Bangs
Fringe or Bangs can be one of the best hairstyles for thin hair. Strong bangs can make hair strands appear bigger and fuller. Side-swept bangs added with feathery layers can pump up the volume of your hair. You can choose to go with a straight cut bang or ruffled bang. Try bangs spiked up with mousse or hair gel, swept to one side or the other for the luxurious look.

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