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7 haircut suggestions for thinning hair

7 haircut suggestions for thinning hair

Everyone wants obedient and good-looking hair all the time.

Most often, though, we all go through bad hair days. The reasons for thin hair may be heavy hair loss, a lack of maintenance, or poor natural texture, and so on. Styling thin hair is always a bit of a task, as it tends to appear flat and rather lifeless.

Here are some effective haircuts for thin hair; these are designed to make your hair look cool and gorgeous.

Layered Bob Haircut
This layered side-parted bob haircut helps your hair to appear full and fluffy. Light dimension hair colors will be an added advantage to give your thin hair a perfect look.

Mauve Shaggy Bob
The main problem for thin hair is the lack of body.

To create the illusion of the body, one can use layers of the shaggy cut. These layers make your hair look more dense and attractive. This can also be achieved using dye. Apply dark colors in the denser parts of your hair and light colors at the roots. This will add appeal.

Parisian Shag
This is the most searched hairstyle nowadays.

These messy waves are suitable for any occasion whether a date, party or an interview. This is also known as “French girl hair”. Waves not only make your hair look good, but also create an illusion of volume.

Classic 90’s Bob
This retro trend is coming back again. The classic bob look from the 90’s is the best choice for thin hair. It features heavy volumes at the crown. This makes your thin hair look perfect, and its best.

Layering and Ombre

For those who don’t want to cut their hair short yet make it look full, here’s a haircut for you. Only layering can provide you the cute flicks which help to organize the thin hair in the most beautiful way.

This cut is suitable for different hair styles too.

Middle-part and face framing haircut

Do you have an oval and oblong face? Thin hair makes such faces appear more flatten. For those people with thin hair and oval face, middle-parted face framing haircut suits the best.

This haircut offers symmetrical framing and large, loose waves. This not only gives a look to your face structure but those waves add the required extra volume to your hair. Ultimately this haircut serves the best for thin hair.

Subtle Layered cut

Generally, long length and thin hair are never the best combination. Long length, distinct layers, and straight haircuts will never suit for thin hair people. Hence one with fine hair should always choose the haircut with light layers and slight waves with color transitions.

This serves you best.

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