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Best hair color shades for brunettes

Best hair color shades for brunettes

Experimenting with diverse color shade is a thrill which is one of its kind and it is a crazy part of one’s life. Finding the best shade to suit your hair whether it is light red or creamy Blonde Hair Color would require many tips. Let us explore the world of brunette hair shades while brown is an ordinary shade to think about for a hair color, this simple shade can make the hair look incredible indeed.

  • Golden Brown: One could go in for something warm and friendly, like the ‘golden brown hair color.’ It goes extremely well for those with a golden skin or for those with hazel eyes. An example is actress Emma Watson. Adding golden blonde literally highlights the golden-brown hairs and gives a superb look.
  • Honey Brown: The perfect balance of tawny hue and warm is ‘Honey brown hair color.’ It is that unique blend of light brown hair shade and dark blonde hair shade. It makes for a great hair color for someone with a fair complexion or a golden complexion.
  • Light Caramel Hair Color: This shade makes for a stunning complement for someone with a golden warm complexion. It is a big ‘no’ for those with fair and pink complexion. It can also be used as a highlight with a darker chocolate brown base color.
  • Cocoa Hair Color: A pearly brown pale shade of ‘Cocoa Hair Color’ looks gorgeous on a fair skin with green or blue eyes. It is really unique and balanced shade it is neither that dark nor is it too warm. It is a lively color that adds volume to the hair.
  • Golden Bronze Hair Color: A light shade of ‘golden bronze hair color’ is truly rich and luxurious. An elusive blend of golden and right shade looks beautiful on a warm skin tone.
  • Sandy Brown Hair Color: This is the color of natural beige shade. It makes for a perfect blend with light, cool complexions and green/blue eyes. The combination with beige blonde is a beautiful highlight for a classy and chic look.
  • Dark Chocolate Hair Color: This hair color looks as yum as it sounds. It just glorifies with deep, brown hue of your existing hair. Most of us have noticed it is a signature shade used by the actress Eva Longoria. This shade is great for those with olive complexion and darker eyes.
  • Light Ash Brown Hair Color: Sophisticated to the core, this color shade gives a unique look to those with fairer complexion and those with sparkling light blue eyes. Light Ash Brown Hair Color is for those who don’t like the shade of red and gold. Adding blonde highlights makes it a style statement.

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