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Best natural deodorants for women

Best natural deodorants for women

Natural, organic, pure, chemical-free beauty products are popular. Natural beauty products contain ingredients that wont harm you in any way and are manufactured organically. Natural beauty products are really mild and your skin gets softer over time. The main purpose of going organic is it shows no side effects. Deodorants which contains parabens, alcohol, synthetic ingredients, preservatives extend the shelf life of the product but cause rashes, allergies and skin irritation. Here are some natural and safe deodorants for women.

Erbaviva Lemon and Sage Organic Deodorant: Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant contains powerful organic essential oils that naturally fight underarm bacteria. This an award winning organic deodorant fuses quickly evaporating alcohol with organic extracts of sage, lemon, patchouli and tea tree oils, offering refreshing and effective burst of safe and pure bacterial and odor protection. It is a warm and woodsy smelling natural deodorant for both men and women.
Violets are blue extra strength Sport deodorant with Baking Soda and Kanolin Clay: Just like non-aluminum deodorant, this one is also free of toxins, but for those who need a little extra protection. Baking soda and Kanolin clay gives an extra punch for dryness. Violets are blue’s beloved skincare line is made up of unscented, natural products designed to alleviate skin issues. This product does not contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic fragrance or any other chemical ingredient.
Agent Nateur No3. Deodorant: With a light trace of honey, lavender and eucalyptus this stick deodorant will keep your skin smelling lovely well into the evening hours. It is a handmade product from Los Angeles contains non-toxic ingredients. This product contains coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, organic sunflower butter, organic avocado butter, castor oil, hydrogen peroxide and eucalyptus oil.
Meow Meow Lemon Eucalyptus deodorant stick: Packed in a biodegradable case, this completely natural cream is safe, effective and will leave you smelling fresh all day. It smells fresh and clean with a spicy hint of clove. This deodorant contains helianthus annuus seed oil, arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, Cocoa seed butter which soothes the skin from deep within.
Takesumi Detox Deodorant in Juicy Bamboo: Takesumi Detox Deodorant is 99% natural. The first bamboo charcoal deodorant stick, takesumi known as bamboo charcoal, is a time honored Japanese secret for odor control and detoxification. With a combination of activated charcoal and natural fermentation technology it fights odor causing bacteria. It contains porous surface that acts like a magnet, which chemically binds substances, such as bacteria and toxins to draw them out.

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