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Causes of hair thinning and how to treat it

Causes of hair thinning and how to treat it

Hair thinning is not a pleasant experience, and dealing with it could be a long, complicated and even painful process. Hair thinning mainly and chiefly occurs nowadays due to a combination of stress, hormone imbalance and bad diet.


  • The primary cause of hair thinning for both women and men is genetics and heredity and even sex hormones.
  • Hair loss is a permanent feature for women during pregnancy. It also occurs throughout the menopause stage, where one might experience irregular hair thinning.
  • Health issues like Hypothyroidism, Lupus skin disorders, ringworm, aging and scalp infections cause hair fall. Critical diseases like Heart problem, Chemotherapy, Anemia. depression, High blood pressure, and Arthritis can also act out in the form of hair thinning.
  • Vigorous hair styling and hair treatment can also cause hair fall. These include putting the hair in hair weaves, tight braids and twisted buns regularly, as well as applying chemical relaxers to straighten the hair. Even regular use of hair dryers and hair straighteners could cause hair to weaken and fall. Getting hot oil treatments etc. affects the roots and irregular hair growth would occur.
  • Hair coloring is another action which damages the hair. Most of the hair coloring products in town include some or the other forms of chemical agent. If the hair color lasts for three weeks, then it contains chemicals which have been added to strengthen their effects. Hair color opens the hair cuticle, coat the color into the inner layer of hair strands, leading to dryness and lack of luster.

Some of the most effective treatments for hair thinning include –

  • Using shampoos with mild ingredients, leading a stress-less lifestyle and eating a healthy diet with omega 3s are the easiest ways to care for your hair.
  • Maintaining the hair with gentle, mild organic hair care products will control the hair thinning and hair fall.
  • One can also consult with a doctor if they suffer from serious hair fall for a prolonged time even after taking enough care of their hair.
  • Using natural coloring agents on one’s hair rather than the chemical-based colors will help to control hair thinning to some extent.

Hair thinning is a reality in today’s stressful times. The key to dealing with it is catching it and taking preventive measures early.

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