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Elegant hairstyles for women over 50

Elegant hairstyles for women over 50

Getting older is no excuse to stop paying attention to how you look. If Iris Apfel at the age of 95 can still influence fashion, what’s stopping you? One of the key elements to looking stylish is a great haircut. As Iris, herself once said, œIf your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything. On that note, here are a few classy hairstyles, over 50 women might like.

Spiked pixie cut
A pixie cut has no age limit and is a great hairstyle for over 50 women. This style is short cropped at the nape of your neck and longer on the top. A typical pixie cut will frame your face and make it look slimmer, but if you cut the top a little shorter and spike it, you get a style that’s bold and yet elegant. To add another dimension to the haircut, you could even think of coloring your hair. A spiked pixie cut is ideal for a woman who doesn’t let age get in the way of her adventures.

Bob cut
This is a classic hairstyle for women over 50 and has a number of variations you could try. A bob cut suits people with straight hair as well as curly hair. The stacked bob cut creates an illusion of volume by gradually lengthening your hair. Adding a fringe can make you look younger and give you a less ˜strict’ appearance. If you want to really customize your bob, how about a razor fringe? The advantage of a bob cut is that it always looks neat and is easy to maintain.

Layered cut
If you have medium to thick hair, leaving it long can give you a graceful and elegant look. However, with age, hair does become thinner and lose some of its volumes. So if you want to keep your hair long, layer your cut such that the shortest layer frames your face and the longest layer grazes your shoulders or is slightly longer. Try a side parting or back sweep your hair to show off the contours of your face. If you wanted, you could even get a few highlights to give you a more youthful appeal.

Cut with Bangs
Bangs can instantly make you look a few years younger by drawing attention away from your neck and towards your eyes. To keep up with trends, don’t curl your bangs, rather straighten them. This style is ideal for women with medium to thick hair. However, keep in mind that you may have to trim your bangs every few weeks to keep them from growing out.

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