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Eye shadow techniques for different eye shapes

Eye shadow techniques for different eye shapes

Makeup is a complex part of grooming, and eye makeup is the most important part of your makeup. There are several products you can use on your eyes that include eyeliner, eyeshadows, mascara, and eyebrow liner. Here we will discuss how eyeshadows can be applied with several techniques for different eye types.

  • Round eyes
    Women who have rounder eyes can highlight the brow bone by applying a light shade of eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes. A medium shade of eyeshadow on the center part of the lid and a darker shade of eyeshadow around the crease can give a perfect look to your round eyes.
  • Close-set eyes
    Women with close-set eyes can do away with two shades of eyeshadows – light and medium. Highlight the eyelid with the light shade and then add the medium shade to the outer corners of the eyelids. Medium shades can be applied several times to make it look slightly darker than the usual.
  • Deep-set eyes
    The eyeshadow techniques used for deep-set eyes is similar to the techniques used for round eyes. However, dark colors of eyeshadow should be applied very lightly.
  • Almond eyes
    If you have almond-shaped eyes, you can actually use several techniques and even experiment a bit. This is because almond-shaped eyes are the most symmetrical shaped eyes and many different eyeshadow techniques can be used on them.
  • Hooded eyes
    With hooded eyes, your eyes may look smaller as there is an extra layer of skin that covers the crease on your eyelid. You can use a lighter shade of eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes and dark shade on the middle part of your eyelid and continue the shade to the outer part of your eyelids. This technique will make your eyes appear rounder.
  • Monolid eyes
    People with monolid eyes can apply a darker shade eyeshadow on the on the entire eyelids and give it an ombré effect as you blend it onto the upper section of your eyelids.

Tip: Don’t forget to blend the shades you have applied on your eyes and blending is the most important part of eyeshadow techniques. The eyeshadow shades need to be seamless and hence blending is essential.

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