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Hairstyles for matured ladies over 50

Hairstyles for matured ladies over 50

The way we dress and wear our hair depends on our age to a great extent. When we are young and just learning to express ourselves in our teen ages, we may want to go in for lots of glitters because we are still so enamored with the idea of looking like a princess. As we grow older, we take style a notch upwards and try and look cool and glamorous when we enter college. Also, this is the time when our personal style begins to emerge as we try to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. As we start working, we look for more chic dos that will make us look unique and eye-catching at the same time.

Yet, this is also the phase where we start looking for comfort. The older we grow and as we finish our main responsibilities that asked us to put out hair up – like child rearing and an active work week – we begin to look towards aging more gracefully. Yet, there is no reason to lose our style individuality even here. Our haircut pretty much defines who we are at every age. Take a look at some of these wonderful hairstyles, over 50 women may opt for!

A sleek layered look: For those ladies who are especially looking to hide their grays, this is a wonderful way of doing it. The laser sharp cuts or the softened layers will add much dimension and bounce to all kinds of hair and also bring out the jawline in an effective manner. So you can try this look, and decide on the length depending on the kind of face shape that you have. In order to look younger, many ladies tend to go shorter at this age, which takes many years off the face.

Pixie cut: If you are looking to bring in a more edgy and cool style, the best way to do it is to get a pixie cut, which will leave you looking pretty with spikes. This kind of cut is best suited for ladies who have a rounded face and chin as it will take the unique factor a little higher without making the face look too heavy.

Bob cut: The short bob is an ageless hair cut that can look good on any lady, despite her age. Granted that this style takes a little bit of maintenance, but it effectively combines sophisticated good looks with a cool look, which says you are evergreen. This haircut will also look good with a number of accessories and can go from elegant to edgy in no time at all!

Laser cut with bangs: You have a shoulder length hair cut with bangs in front and laser sharp cuts for just about two levels of layers when you get this haircut. Not only will it take the attention off of any fine lines and bags under the eyes, but it will also add a fresh dimension to your face!

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