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How to prepare before a laser bikini line hair removal procedure

How to prepare before a laser bikini line hair removal procedure

Most women will agree, hair removal is one of the most annoying tasks to carry out. The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of hair removal is ‘pain’, whether it is bikini hair removal or hair removal from other parts of the body. However, with new technologies and developments taking place every, there are numerous methods of hair removal that you will come across. And one such pain-free hair method is laser hair removal treatment.

The thought of hair removal in the intimate area of woman’s body can be the most intimidating one. However, if you are planning to flaunt that favorite pair of bikini on your next vacation or get away, there should be nothing stopping you. Bikini line hair removal through laser procedure can be easy and will let you free from unwanted hair for a long period, if not permanently. Going in for laser treatment is a decision that should be thought through with good preparation prior to the treatment. Also, one should research and look out for the best professional hair removal clinic. In order to ensure safety and good results at the end of the laser bikini line hair removal treatment, here are the guidelines to follow:

2 months prior to treatment – After deciding on the clinic where you want to have the laser administered for you bikini line hair removal, consult the provider for a set of instructions. If you have been using hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving, you should stop continuing the same. Do not expose your skin to the sun and apply sunscreen creams before stepping out as the tanning of the skin may affect the ultimate results.

1 day prior to treatment – The bikini line area should be shaved off all the hair present. However, if you are not comfortable in doing the same, you can ask your laser technician to do it for you. Shaving of this intimate area is necessary as this will lessen the time taken for the treatment. This will also mean less discomfort and pain.

Day of treatment – It is advisable to not apply any kind of lotion or cream on the bikini line area on the day of treatment. This may interfere with the effectiveness of the laser. If you are intimidated by the pain, you can take a painkiller to lessen sensation, after consulting the technician.

After treatment – After the laser bikini line hair removal treatment, one will notice that skin appears red and inflamed. This is normal and condition will subside in a few day. Keep the skin well moisturized by applying a lotion and keep the skin away from any kind of irritants. Most laser clinics provide clients with necessary creams and lotions to be used and you should follow the instructions of your laser treatment provider to the tee.

If you experience any immense discomfort after the bikini line hair removal treatment, you should contact the laser technician.

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