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Luxurious shaving sets for men

Luxurious shaving sets for men

Shaving is said to be a fine art. The right kind of kit can either leave your face covered with bruises or leave you with smooth, great looking skin. Putting together the right shaving kit with the combination of the right razor, gel or foam and other best shaving products like after shave too is an art, and one needs to know about the best in business before putting together a kit. Listed below are some great shaving products:

Harry Truman Set, Harry’s: The Harry Truman set by Harry’s is one of the best shaving blades in business. It not only looks stylish, but is affordable too. Starting with the razor, it has five blades and a rubber flex film that contours to the face for a super-comfortable shave. With a rubberized grip, the razor is easy to control. The kit also has a rich foaming shaving gel and a great after shaving balm for smoothness after a shave.
Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set Bare Essentials: This one is for the slightly old fashioned male it comes with a shaving soap. It also adds to the rustic touch with a nice ceramic bowl, a brush and a stand. This one can easily get a beginner acquainted with shaving.
Anthony Logistics Perfect Shave kit: This one is for guys who like to pamper themselves. The kit is complete with a glycolic face wash that removes all grime from your face before the shave. Then there’s a pre-shave oil to soften your skin and the rich foaming shaving cream, finishing off with a nice balm. It is a truly luxuriating experience!
West Coast Classic Wet Shaving Kit: Designed for all stylish men, this kit contains a Edwin Jagger shaving gear all in chrome. The razor will give you a close shave. The badger hair brush and sandalwood shaving cream work together to give you smooth looking and feeling skin. The aftershave too, is sandalwood and while it soothes irritated skin, doesn’t leave behind a strong fragrance.
Jack Black Ultimate Skin Friendly Super Set: This set has something for everyone- especially for those with sensitive skin. The kit includes a double safety razor with a comfortable handle for a great shave throughout. Besides a badger hair brush, the kit also contains a plethora of shaving products to complement your morning routine like nourishing oil, a triple cushion lather cream, double-duty moisturizer, an energizing scrub, and an incredible shaving soap.

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