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Short hairstyles: Who should sport and how?

Short hairstyles: Who should sport and how?

Short hair has been making a comeback for years now. Short hairstyles are easier to handle compared to taking care of the longer locks. Summer or not, short hair saves a lot of your time as far as brushing and washing your hair is concerned. However, sporting short hairstyles isn’t easy. The style must suit your personality and the way you carry yourself. If you’re planning to cut your hair short, it’s important that you consider certain factors. Type of hair and the face shape are two of them. If your hairstyle doesn’t go well with your face shape and your hair type, it will spoil your look. And if that happens, there’s not much that you can do but wait till your hair grows back. Let’s see what roles your face shape and hair type has to pay, as far as short hairstyles are concerned.

Face shape
If you have an oval-shaped face, then any kind of short hairstyle will suit perfectly. A round face will look bigger if you don’t choose the right hairstyle. A pixie cut or hair length up to the shoulders will look great if you have a round face. It will give you a clean look if your hair length is little above the length of your chin. A side layer or a blunt cut with bangs and fringes go well with long faces. Ask your hairstylist not to cut your hair shorter than the level of the shoulder. This will make your face look longer unless, it is styled in a certain manner. If you have a square face, avoid cutting your hair too short. Fringes and bangs look great on square-shaped faces. If you have a heart-shaped face with a broader head and tiny chin, any kind of asymmetrical bob cut, pixie cut, or shoulder length layers, and steps will look nice. Avoid bob cut and single length cut as these would make your face look broader and unshaped.

Hair type
Along with hair type, you’ll also need to consider your hair texture. If your hair is thin, your hairstylist should shape and cut in such a way that it makes your hair look voluminous. On the contrary, if your hair is thick enough, a little trimming to add a gorgeous shape to the hair is what is required. Fringes on straight hair make the hair look clean and organized. For curly hair, the messier the cut the better it looks, depending on the shape of the face. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in such a way that the curls look bouncy when they are left loose. If you have straight hair and you cut your hair short throughout, short fringes will give a classy look. For wavy hair, choosing a midway combination of both the extremes is the best way to wear the look with confidence.

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