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Steps to get your eyeshadow technique right

Steps to get your eyeshadow technique right

Eyeshadow can be one of the most fun parts of your eye makeup. More so when you know the right techniques to apply the eyeshadow. It is important to get the techniques right as eyeshadows can actually enhance the look of your eyes.

If you are not a pro at applying eyeshadows, you can start with getting the basics right by following some basics steps.

The first step in getting the eyeshadow application right is by understanding the placement of different shades of the eyeshadow. Start by dividing your eyelid into three parts. Each part will have a different shade of the eyeshadow. The inner corner of the eyelid should get the lightest shade. This will brighten up your eyes. The middle section of your eyelids should get the medium shade and the outer section/corner of your eyelid should get the darkest eyeshadow shade.

While you are applying the eyeshadows, apply the lightest shade first, medium shade second, and darkest shade last. Once you have applied all the shades to the lid, blend them all well. Blending them well is important as otherwise, the eyeshadow will give your eyes an abrupt look.

This is one of the most basic and easiest eyeshadow techniques that can transform the look of your eyes. Which shade gets more intensity ideally depends on your preference. However, you can make the medium shade to cover the most of your eyelid.

If you are not sure which shade to use in a majority on your eyelid, you can refer to eyeshadow makeup tutorials on the Internet to get a preference. You can try a different look using this eyeshadow technique to discover the look you like the best.

When you blend the eyeshadow colors, make sure you use a clear brush with no previous residue of any other eyeshadow. It is important to have a clear brush as it will not give out the wrong shade. You can finish your eye makeup look by adding a stroke of eyeliner. Again, the intensity of the eyeliner should be as per your preference. If you are not sure about the liner, start by applying a thin layer and gradually make it think as per the look you desire.

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