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The best hairstyles for short hair

April 30, 2020

The best hairstyles for short hair

If you’ve cut your hair short, then you’re probably confused about which hairstyle would suit you best. Here is a list of short hairstyles that are perfect for your bob, pixie or other short haircuts you may have chosen.

Short layered hair
If you are blessed with thick hair, then this style would suit you the most. Thick short hair can often turn into a nightmare when it comes to styling. These short layers go with short to medium length hair,and are never out of fashion. For this type of hairstyle, you don’t need to reduce your volume. It only needs a little prepping up and an appealing shape.

Deep side-parted cut
The deep side-parted cut gives you a sort of classic look. This goes well with both thick and thin hair. Hair cuts that reach just below your chin add a chic look to your face too. This can be made more appealing by slightly straightening the ends. People with curly hair can go with the side-part too.

Braided faux hawk
If you are not a big fan of letting your hair loose, then this short hairstyle is the one for you. The braided section which runs down the back of your head will give you a stylish look.

Inverted french twist
This is one hairstyle that is comfortable and casual as well as classy. This loose modified french twist gives you a slightly messy hair air-dried look. It is twisted from top to bottom, unlike the original French twist.

Hairline braids
Are you irritated with your bangs falling on your face all the time, but still don’t want to get rid of them? Then this short hairstyle solves your problem. This hairstyle goes with every occasion. Easy to pull off and stylish, hairline braids are a common choice for short hair styles.

Short stacked bob
This is an easy style to maintain. It is suitable for straight hair and you need to style it to make it look elegant. It may not go well with round faces and full cheeks though, and it looks best when you color your hair. Make sure you leave a little length in the front. That gives you a lot of options for styling.

Smooth bob
This hairstyle for short hair looks best if you have straight hair. Add a few layers or side bangs in the front. This will give you a more stylish look. Also, you can avoid those regular bangs and give your bob a different look.

Sleek bob with side bangs
This short hairstyle is perfect for people with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line. The side bangs give a special attraction to this look. They enhance the look of your jawline and soften your features.

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