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Benefits of switching from a landline work phone to business mobile phone

November 13, 2017

Benefits of switching from a landline work phone to business mobile phone

Landlines and mobiles phones have their own distinct places in a professional setting. However, with the advancement of technology one can get all the features of a desktop business phone system on a good smartphone.

Telecom business service providers now offer the same services for smartphones as the landline business plans and that too at an affordable rate. There are several pros and cons of each of these systems.

Here we are a few benefits of switching from a landline phone to a business mobile phone entirely.


This is one of the main benefits smartphones have over landline phones in general. Having the advantage of carrying your phone anywhere and accessing it any time ensures seamless communication between you and your clients or team. It is especially useful attending calls that may be made outside of the office working hours.

Saves money

Since service providers offer business calling plans and systems that are compatible with a business mobile phone, you can cut costs of spending on a landline when you have a cell phone. Business phone plans that let you transfer calls seamlessly to other devices from your cell phone make it even more convenient to give up the desk phones.

Inability to track location

If you are a small business that is operating out of an informal office, then not having a landline can be beneficial. Sometimes clients don’t rely on businesses that are not well established, and landlines can be used easily for tracing location. Opting for mobile phones for a business of such scales would be ideal as it may not be easy to track the location with the number.

Whether you choose to or not to switch to a business mobile phone entirely will depend on your requirements and your scale of your business. Ensure that you research and understand all the features of the service plan before you opt for any mobile plan. More importantly, find out if the service provider you are choosing provides coverage to all the areas you work at and even in the areas you live and frequent often before you opt for switching to a business mobile phone entirely.

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