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2020’s Top Paid Accounting Software for Small Businesses

2020’s Top Paid Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Accounting software solutions are indispensable to small businesses as they not only help automate and manage purchase orders, but also accounts receivable and payable, payroll, invoicing, expense reports, reconciliations and even financial reports. Accounting software needs to be affordable and should make tasks such as data syncing and making financial reports easier and simpler.

Listed below are four popular paid accounting software options for small businesses this year.

Zoho Books: Zoho Books has a full set of accounting tools reports creation, syncing bank accounts, tracking expenses, creating and sending invoices, etc. Priced at $9/month, Zoho Books stands out for its extensive range of capabilities offered for a low price. The software has a clutter-less, easy-to-use dashboard with widgets such as bank and credit card accounts, projects, topmost expenses, cashflow chart, outgoing, total receivables, etc. It is also logical and intuitive, especially in adding new items to the menu, and has a visually pleasing clean layout.

Quick Books: If one is looking to start out/expand a business, QuickBooks can do both, provide only basic features or be customized and scaled to fit the needs of an expanding business. QuickBooks’ cheapest plan costs $7/month and doesn’t compromise on features, making it the perfect software for small service providers, restaurateurs, online merchants, consultants and freelancers. QuickBooks’ features include quarterly and annual tax preparation and returns filing, automatic data backup, tracking expenses and income and financial reporting, among many others.

Fresh Books: When it comes to managing and tracking expenses, time and invoices for very small businesses that don’t need full-blown accounting, FreshBooks is the site to beat. FreshBooks uses simple language sans any accounting jargon, has plentiful reports and a flexible and quick expense tracking and invoice management options and excellent, simple-to-use navigational and user interface tools. Plans begin at $7.50 per month.

Xero: Beginning at $20 per month for five bills and five invoices, Xero is one of the most easy-to-learn and intuitive accounting software, allowing small businesses to save tons of money and time from having to train non-tech savvy users. Some of its time-saving features are invoicing, bill payments, bank reconciliations, expense claims, inventory, purchase orders and payroll, among many others. The software also has a free 30-day trial.

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