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4 popular career options offered by a business administration degree

4 popular career options offered by a business administration degree

Business administration degrees lead to many opportunities for a career in business. Such degrees impart skills and knowledge related to business operations, human resource management, finance and accounting, sales, marketing, and other aspects of a business. The job opportunities can be across various industries. This is because almost every business (whether it is a multinational corporation or a small independent business) now requires people with in-depth knowledge of business administration. And this knowledge can be acquired from different business administration degrees.

A person interested in this field can either do a business administration degree at the undergraduate level, at the postgraduate level, and also as a working professional. A bachelor’s in business administration equips a person to go for entry-level business administration jobs. A master’s degree offers lucrative opportunities in the corporate job market. Here are 4 popular career options for those with business administration degrees:

  1. Accountants: A person with business administration degree with a specialization in finance and accounting can work in the accounting department of a business. Accountants have the responsibility of handling and managing the financial records of a business.
  2. Human Resources Managers: A human resource specialization gives a person with business administration degree the opportunity to work as a recruiter, administrative officer, as well as a strategist in a business. The person is responsible for planning and coordinating the talents and skills of employees, hiring people required by the organization, handling conflicts and disputes between employees within the organization, and providing advice regarding organization policies.
  3. Sales Managers: A person who has a specialization in sales can work as a sales manager. The responsibilities include setting targets for the organization’s sales output, analyzing sales data, and conducting and developing training programs for the sales team.
  4. Marketing Research Analyst: A market research analyst has to estimate the potential of sales of the organization’s products and services. This is usually done by a careful study of market conditions. Other responsibilities include monitoring sales trends, gathering sales data and analyzing the results of marketing programs.

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