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How to learn your baby’s needs

How to learn your baby’s needs

Being present for your child is one of the best gifts that you can give him or her. It is imperative to be completely invested in your children because this is what will bring out the best in them. In order to be fully invested in your children, you will have to start when they are infants and toddlers so that a pattern and routine is set for you as a parent and for them as your offspring.

Needs: One of the main things that we need to look after when it comes to infants is their needs. The needs of an infant are usually very simple, but the challenge is to understand them at the right time without raising an alarm or panic. It is imperative to listen carefully when your baby cries so that you can then take the correct action like giving him or her a feed and changing the diapers. A baby also gets colicky at the same time every evening which can make him or her cranky at that time. At such times, soothing the child and indulging him or her in some sort of play is imperative. When the baby senses that the parent is there for him or her and that the needs are taken care of, the bond begins to develop between the two in a proper and organic manner.

Understanding: Once the baby starts growing up, the toddler begins to come into his or her own. Here, there will be attempts at articulation and also some amount of frustration. In such cases, it is important to be present at all times so that you can soothe the child and explain things to the child as well. The toddler is someone who is busy exploring the world around him or her. Make sure that you are a part of that journey and learn to watch out for signs of danger which you can also teach the child. Remember that at this phase, the child will not simply hear you once and listen. You will need to repeatedly tell your child the same thing in a soft tone so that it becomes a happy and learned experience which the child can apply later.

Hobbies and Interests: The toddler phase is also an interesting one because your child is getting exposed to a variety of things. What your child catches on to, and what he or she leaves will also point towards his or her hobbies and interests. Watch which story or video your child likes the most. Help the child learn the ropes for those activities and be a part of the same so that the child enjoys your company and tells you all those things that he or she likes.

Learning: This is also a stage where the child is learning a lot of things. So it is imperative to be with the child through all this. You must take the child to the park, the zoo, the mall and even museums and libraries so that the child learns new words and actions everyday.

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