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Different types of driver jobs

August 27, 2018

Different types of driver jobs

While most driver jobs that are spent alone with long hours driving on the highway that is away from home, there are driver jobs that require you to drive in your local community, which lets you spend time with your family.

Here is a list of 7 different types of driver jobs:

  • Courier driver
    Courier drivers are responsible for transporting company commodities from one place to another. There are smaller courier companies that hire courier drivers to work for bigger companies. There are big companies that have their own fleet of courier drivers. A courier driver’s job involves driving small trucks or vans daily and load goods.
  • Bus driver
    This driver’s job involves picking up and dropping passengers from and to their designated locations. A bus driver can drive a bus, small enough for 15 passengers or full-size buses that accommodate at least 100 passengers. Interstate bus driving jobs are different from local bus driving jobs, as they might involve day–night driving.
  • Taxi driver
    Taxi drivers are assigned to work with a specific car. This means that a taxi driver is responsible for the vehicle’s overall maintenance. The fares that taxi drivers usually earn is based on how long the journey is. A taxi driver’s job usually requires one to have a chauffeur’s license.
  • Truck driver
    A truck driving job entails one to have a commercial license as this job might also involve driving large trucks, with some of them being 18-wheelers. Truck driving jobs is one of those jobs that have a greater probability of staying away from home and family for days, sometimes for weeks. They are primarily responsible for delivering goods to customers and clients.
  • Personal driver
    Also known as a private driver, this driving job involves carrying a hirer from one place to another. The training may differ from one hirer to another. Salaries of personal drivers also depend on the hirer and how much time you have spent behind the wheel. The disadvantage here is that, as a driver, you cannot go anywhere without the knowledge of the hirer, as they might need you anywhere and at any time.

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