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Top Two Meal Kit Delivery Services

Top Two Meal Kit Delivery Services

The modern world has begun adapting to and accepting meal kit delivery services, given that they adhere to the latest trends and innovation. Meal kit delivery services provide exclusive offerings for all types of diets such as keto, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc. Some exclusive kits cater to cooks who aspire to try out recipes by celebrity chefs and so on. Even big online retailers like Amazon are delving into the groceries range. However, there are some exclusive meal kit delivery services that have been rated highly by its consumers. Two of the best meal kit delivery service providers are:

Sun Basket
This meal kit delivery service focuses on health and sustainability. They offer exclusive kits for those looking to cook paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even “lean and clean” kind of foods. Justine Kelly, a former Slanted Dorr chef, exclusively developed these meals. Their meal kits are designed to provide for families and have 18 recipes per week. The consumer can choose between a classic menu that can serve two to four people or pick a family menu that has four servings per meal. The minimum cost for weekly orders is about $72, and you get an average of two to four recipes per week. While they currently ship to most parts of the country, the only places they don’t deliver to are Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and a few areas of New Mexico.

Home Chef
This meal kit delivery service sends about 11 new recipes by mail to its subscribers. Each meal kit costs around $9.95 per serving with a delivery fee of $10, and there is also a lunch option available at $7.99 per serving. They provide free delivery for orders above $40. Their exclusive line of fruits and smoothies are available as add-ons at a rate of around $4.95, and they also have special occasion meals during the holiday season. There are no minimum order costs, and you can get an average of two to four recipes per week. Their meal kit delivery services are available all around the country, except for a few places listed on their website.

Plated is another well-liked meal kit delivery service provider. Plated’s meals are apt for those with an adventurous palate. You can pick from around 20 recipes per week, some of which contain exotic items. Each kit can serve two to four people.

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