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Top 4 ways to look for jobs for physicians

August 27, 2018

Top 4 ways to look for jobs for physicians

Once a license to practice is received, physicians can set up their own practice. There are physician jobs available in health maintenance organizations, government agencies, clinics, and hospitals. The question is, how to find these jobs? What are the common avenues to look for jobs for physicians? Whether fresh out of a residency program or an experienced one, where does a physician look for a new job? Here are some popular ways to look for physician jobs:

  1. Personal and professional referral: This is one of the most common ways to search for a job opportunity for a physician. This method has the highest success rate. This is because referral systems work on the basis of trust. A strong referral ensures that clinches the job. It is necessary to build a good network of fellow physicians who can provide information regarding job openings and also give referrals.
  2. Search firm recruiters: Search firm recruiters offer the service of connecting the right candidate to the right employer. Although most cases are hit-and-miss (the job profile does not live up to the qualification and experience expectations), recruiters are relatively good sources of job leads. Also, expert recruiters can do a pretty good job of mapping specialization of a physician to a suitable job vacancy.
  3. Medical journal advertisements: Journals of medical societies and associations run classifieds on physician job openings. The ads can be placed by a health organization, an employer or a recruiting firm. Becoming a member of medical societies and associations not only gives access to such journals but also presents the possibility of making a strong network of physicians who can provide referrals.
  4. Residency Program Staff: Residency program staff are another good source of leads on a job hunt for physicians. Since residency staff interacts with a lot of people in the medical field, they have up-to-date information regarding various openings and vacancies for physicians of different specializations. Thus, they can provide good referrals.

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