Five types of automobile floor mats you should know

Automobile floor mats are also called as vehicle mats that are designed to protect a vehicle floor from dirt, wear, and corrosion. While some floor mats can be easily used, removed, and replaced; others have fixation points, ensuring they remain fixed in position.

Following are the five main types of automobile floor mats based on the type of materials:

Premium fabric mats
These types of automobile floor mats are stitched with high-quality fabric. These mats comprise of cushions that are comfortable and water impermeable. They are easy to use and can be replaced. They can be washed with any normal detergent. Premium fabric mats are usually offered as standard features in new cars. You can, however, purchase these separately from auto accessory stores.

Transparent rubber mats
The latest addition to the automobile accessories are the transparent rubber mats. They are made up of transparent plastic matter. Transparent plastic mats easily resist heat and water and they can be easily placed on the floors. Their benefits can usually be seen during rainy season as they are able to retain mud and water from the passenger’s shoes.

Synthetic rubber mats
These are the most common types of automotive floor mats and are made of high-tensile synthetic rubber which easily withstands daily wear and tear. The material used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber mats is moisture-proof and does not let a drop of moisture pass through them and reach the metal floor.

Nomad mats
There are several auto accessory companies that manufacture nomad mats. They are capable of soaking and trapping water, mud, and grime easily. Nomad mats look similar to floor mats that are found outside homes and offices.

Car vinyl mats
These automobile floor mats are designed to prevent the car floor from the damage that can be caused to the cars during monsoon. Since they are transparent, they can be placed on the stock carpets that are provided with the car. Car vinyl mats do not wear out in the long run, thereby keeping the metal floor dry irrespective of the weather.

Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind while choosing automobile floor mats:

  • Some mats that deplete water in the carpet can lead to rust, fungi, and stale smell.
  • Automobile mats that slip due to wear and tear can possibly jam the pedals. This can be a safety concern, thus, it is better to replace them immediately.
  • Prefer purchasing automobile floor mats from renowned auto accessory stores as they guarantee quality products that long last and are value for money.



Important factors to be noted while purchasing a used Mercedes

When you get a good deal on used Mercedes, any buyer will jump at the opportunity of owning the luxury car. However, most consumers tend to forget a few factors while buying a used Mercedes. The following list provides some essential facts that you must remember before investing in a used luxury Mercedes.

Maintenance cost: Every buyer tends to think that all the expenses are over once the used car has been bought. However, they tend to forget the most important aspect of the purchase of a used Mercedes which is an expense. These costs are not higher than other non-luxurious cars in the market, but it is also difficult to find a regular mechanic who handles such repairs or maintenance. The only way to tackle the problem is to keep a certain amount of expendable money that could be used for repairs and also ensure that you find a local mechanic who specializes in either Mercedes or German car repairs.

Warranty: When buying from a Certified Pre-owned car program from Mercedes would not be a problem as they issue warranty along with the purchase. However, when buying from a private seller or used car dealers, then the chance of getting a warranty is very slim. This would be a fact that has to be faced to ensure that you make the right choice when buying a used Mercedes.

Fuel Economy: Mercedes cars consume more gasoline than other standard economic cars. Therefore the cost of refilling as well as the amount of mileage that a Mercedes car generates would be high any day irrespective of the model. Specifically, used Mercedes cars which are older than five years may take up more than what the car used to due to the wear and tear of the old engine. This may seriously put a dent in your monthly expenses if not thought of carefully before purchasing the car.

Gadgets: Mercedes cars are more integrated into technology than other standard cars. So when some gadget may not work and cannot be repaired will require replacement. In some cases, where the car is too old, you may not be able to find a part that is obsolete.



Perks of buying a used Mercedes

When a buyer sources the used car market and finds a luxury car that is on sale for a low price, consumers tend to take to them immediately based on price. However, being a little cautious when picking out a used luxury car can be useful to make sure that the deal is worth in the long run. Mercedes is one of the best picks in the used car market because they are not only reliable, but they also have the following positives:

Quality: Buying a used Mercedes that is a few years old will still be a better deal than buying any other economic car since the Mercedes will have a lot more features and options to offer the buyer. Compared to a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry, the used Mercedes will have superior quality interiors made of walnut wood trim and include options like leather, sunroof, illuminated buttons, power seats and windows, and much more. A used Mercedes will also include the original standard features that were built into the car like traction control, cruise control, adjustable seats and steering wheel, multiple airbags, and anti-lock brakes.

Aesthetic appeal: The appearance of a used Mercedes will any day win hands-down against other economical cars due to its unique designing and style. However old the car, the looks department will be better on a Mercedes.

Depreciation: For any luxury car, the depreciation value sets in rapidly during the first five years. Beyond this timeframe, the depreciation value of a Mercedes is similar to Lexus, Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda.

Comfort and Driving Ease: Mercedes has top end suspension since its institution as a car manufacturer. A drive in the Mercedes would any day be not only a comfortable one but also safe and luxurious at the same time. People who have had the chance to drive or travel in a Mercedes Benz E-class, or S-Class will have felt the air suspension, and Mercedes make sure that this comfort is never compromised in any of its cars. Driving an old Mercedes would feel the same way as would a new BMW, Lexus, or Audi.



How to look for the best tire deals

Free shipping, military discounts, tire rebates, cash backs – it’s like any other product we buy from a retailer. Similarly, tires are also offered on discount sales. Offered by either the manufacturers or dealers themselves on certain brands and models of tires, there is always a sale to look forward to, especially if you are looking to change your car or truck tires in the next few weeks.

  • There are tire companies that offer tire deals for mail order business and Visa card payments for the purchase of a minimum of 4 tires or more.
  • Some tire brands confidently offer a buy and try deal. That is, you could buy these tires, drive around in them for a whole month. If you are not satisfied with its performance or think it is not the right one for your vehicle and its use, they would give you a full refund of your money or let you exchange them for another set of tires. Do check for terms and conditions before going for considering this deal.
  • Then there are attractive finance deals for tire purchases with deferred interest options too.
  • Package deals on tires and wheels are a common proposal by many dealers. Also, customers can save money while purchasing tires with their credit cards that are linked to the tire manufacturers or dealers and likewise through online reservations on the company’s website too.
  • You might have chances to win free tickets to other services and discounts on prepaid Visa cards for purchasing those tires from certain dealers.

There are plenty of tire deals available for serious customers. Whether you want tires that improve fuel efficiency or provide a safe driving experience, check out deals both online and with multi-brand tire dealers located in your area. You certainly will be able to find what you need and clinch a good deal and close the sale.



Online tire deals for you

Sign up and save money. It’s that easy! Yes, getting good deals on tires is very simple. To begin with, you can find deals on tires online thing by signing up for newsletters from online tire dealers and get discounts on your first purchase of tires from them.

Tires for cars or SUVs, trucks or off-road vehicles, whatever it is that you are searching for, just log in to your computer and get your selection delivered at your doorstep, for free.

Some companies even include free mounting and balancing, and a free installation kit along with your purchase when you go to their physical retail stores.

If you precisely know the brand, size, and model of tire you want, then search online tire stores for the best tire deals they offer. There are more than thirty tire manufacturers who offer tire deals and promotions on their wide range of tires. Enter the details asked for in a couple of multi-brand tire dealer websites, and send an email or call them to establish you are a serious buyer and request the best price they can offer you.

For some stock that dealers already have, they offer a point of the sale price which is usually a stand alone offer that cannot be combined with any other deal. There are $70 cash back offers on some pre-paid credit cards upon the purchase of four tires of certain brands. And, to avail the military discount of 7%, if you are an active duty military personnel, a veteran, or members of their family, then while checking out of the site, use the ‘Verify with TroopID’ to claim this offer.

There are tire dealers who offer one tire free for the purchase of every three, or a whopping 50% rebate on selected brands of four tire purchases.

Some online tire dealers also provide finance options for tire purchases, where you could pay for the tires in installments of 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with interest rates ranging between 10-30% APR (annual percentage rate of charge).

There are abundant online tire dealers. Search for the best tire deals of offer and save on your purchase



A brief history of car tires

The first tires were made of bands of leather and in time with steel and even wood. Craftsmen who work on tires were called as the wheelwrights.

Air-filled car tires was a major step forward in the industry as its shock absorbent levels were very high, though the solid rubber tires were preferred as they were durable. In 1898 Goodyear tire and Rubber Company was founded and was considered the first firm in this industry. For the next half-century, car tires had an inner tube which had compressed air and an outer tube which protected the inner tube.

Michelin introduced the first steel belted car tires into the market and these aided in longer life and better steering control. The tire was protected by a steel fabric that runs around the circumference of the tire.

The first patent on a wheel came up in the mid-1800’s; it was not until the early 1900’s did synthetic tires came along. And since then, the technology that goes into tires have only grown. The tires of this day and age have superior grip, performance, and durability. They have greater shock absorption, superior traction, and brilliant sustenance.

In the past few years many new modern concepts of tires have come up, one such amazing idea is the shape shifting tire, the usage of an e-membrane which adapts to driving methods and terrain have been introduced. A tire that uses the heat generation during the drive to make energy and transfers it to the battery of the car was also put up a few years ago. And perhaps one of the most important concepts, tires that adapt to the weather.

The next few decades will certainly see great leaps forward in this industry that shall benefit every user around the world.