3 popular hair dryers under $200

People who blow-dry their hair every day or even occasionally know that it is essential to pick the right kind of hair dryer. A cheap hair dryer is easy on the pocket, but most often, it leaves behind damaged hair with a lot of frizz. However, buying an affordable hair dryer need not be a stressful affair. Here are three popular hair dryers that good for your wallet as well as your hair.

  • Gamma Più Ion Ceramic S: Gamma Più is an Italian brand that specializes in hair dryers and hair straighteners. The Ion Ceramic S hair dryer is one of their most popular products. Weighing around one pound, this is one of the lightest hair dryers available in the market. Thus, it is perfect for those people who have to hold their hair dryers for a long time to style their hair. Moreover, it is easy to grip and quite convenient to use as well. Available in three color variants (black, red, and silver), the price of this hair dryer ranges from $91 to $170 approximately.
  • Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer: Elchim, a Milan-based brand, provides some of the best top-of-the-line hair dryers at affordable prices. The price range is somewhere between $85 to $250 approximately. The Elchim Classic 2001 hair dryer is one of their most popular products as it costs nearly $94. Moreover, t is perfect for those people who have curly hair as it helps to maintain the natural bounce. With a power of around 2,000 watts, it dries hair pretty quickly and comes with three temperature settings. Additionally, it has a two-speed setting as well.
  • Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer: One of the most affordable hair dryers in the market, the Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic hair dryer costs around $30. It has 1875 watts of power and weighs just 1.7 pounds. Its Ionic conditioning feature ensures that your hair remains hydrated and soft. Furthermore, it prevents heat damage and ensures approximately 75% less fizz. It has three temperature control settings and two-speed settings along with a conveniently placed Cool Shot button for quick and easy styling. Additionally, it comes with a diffuser as well as a concentrator.



3 hair dryers recommended by hair stylists

It can be tedious and annoying to style your hair and dry it. Usually, people face this problem when they have the wrong hair dryer which is too bulky or takes too long. One really can’t afford to spend too much time drying or styling their hair when they are running late. Thus, people should consider three parameters while purchasing a hair dryer — time required to dry the hair, performance, and weight. With the right hair dryer, drying and styling hair becomes simple and effortless. Here are three of the most popular hair dryers suggested by top hair stylists that allow you to style your hair conveniently.

Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer: This is one of the most popular hair dryers among hair stylists. Moreover, this top-of-the-line product is known for its speed, noiseless performance, and weight. Its motor produces only one inaudible frequency. Moreover, the motor is surrounded by a vibration reduction system. Thus, the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer very quiet as compared to other products. Additionally, the motor is located in the handle instead of the head. This feature makes the dry dryer quite light and easy to handle. On an average, it takes about six minutes to dry long hair. Thus, it has one of the fastest drying times. It is versatile as it can be used for styling and drying all kinds of hair. Even people who wear hair extensions or have dyed hair can use this hair dryer. The hair dryer comes with a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and a diffuser. The price of this product is $400 approximately.

Parlux 3200 Ceramic Ionic Dryer: This hair dryer is known to be strong, robust, and quite easy to use. The Parlux 3200 is the perfect product for people who tend to drop their hair dryer while styling their hair. It is made of ceramic, which is quite a sturdy material. Therefore, this dryer will not break easily. Moreover, it is lightweight because of which there is a low possibility of dropping it. With a power of around 1,900 watts, it takes half as much time to dry and style your hair as compared to most other hair dryers. It has two-speed heat controls and four temperature settings. It also has a cold air microswitch that lets you change the dryer to styling mode after drying the hair. Furthermore, the hair dryer comes with two unbreakable nozzles which allow you to dry and style your hair quickly and conveniently. The Parlux 3200 Ceramic Iconic Dryer is available for around $168.

Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer: This is known to be one of the lightest hair dryers in the market. It weighs just under a pound and is quite convenient for those need to hold the hair dryer for a long duration while styling and drying. Moreover, it has an eco-drive motor which can dry long hair in about 10 minutes. This hair dryer has a unique Natural Volcanic Rock Minerals feature that keeps hair hydrated and conditioned. It comes with a nozzle and is priced at around $300.



The most popular liquid matte lipsticks

Lipsticks make the most important part of your makeup as grooming is never complete without putting on a lipstick. Sometimes, just one stroke of the right lipstick can make a woman look beautiful. Today, there are different kinds of lipsticks made available to women in order to give them access to one of the best kinds of cosmetics.

The different kinds of lipsticks include matte lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks, satin and sheer lipsticks, cream lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks.

Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink – The lipstick contains the inky liquid formula that you will find in every traditional matte liquid lipstick. The lipstick offers a serious punch of pigment from the first stroke and dries quickly. It has 18 different shades and comes with an oval applicator. It lasts for more than 7 hours and costs approximately $7.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – This lipstick has managed a perfect balance between a long-lasting and non-drying formula. It is a lightweight liquid lipstick that has a pinch of sheen; however, it dries down to a matte finish within 15 seconds of applying. There are 16 different shades available in this lipstick, and the cost is approximately $31.

Too Faced Melted Matte – This liquid lipstick is easy to apply and stays perfectly on the lips for a long number of hours. There are 18 different shades available in this lipstick. It comes with a small doe-foot applicator. You can buy this lipstick for approximately $22.

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips – This lipstick has a creamy formula that leaves great texture on your lips. However, the creamy formula prevents the lipstick from completely drying down, thereby making it prone to smudges. There are 8 shades available in this lipstick. It comes with a thin, flat applicator that helps you apply the lipstick effortlessly. You can buy this lipstick for approximately $6.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips – The lipstick contains a formula that allows it to dry down quickly and comfortably. It is also uber-pigmented, which brings the perfect shade to your lips with just one stroke. The lipstick comes with a small doe-foot applicator that helps in even and precise application. It lasts for over 8 hours and costs approximately $13.



The 4 best lip gloss for the most glamorous look

Remember the 90s, when lip-gloss made it to the top essentials of every woman’s bag? Well, with time, the product was dropped due to the excessively sticky formula. However, a lip gloss is great for women who find lip balms too boring and cannot entirely commit to lipsticks. Moreover, a growing number of brands have effectively improved their formula to create tubes with a subtler shine and irresistible results. The best lip gloss brings in a touch of beautiful texture to your lips while also being fun to wear. If you are looking to sport the trend again, here are some of the popular lip gloss in the market.

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip-gloss – If you’re looking to get that mild tint of pink on your soft lips, the Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip-gloss can be the best lip gloss pick. It renders a subtle sheen and is part of the brand’s very popular “Naked” collection. The formula includes essential ingredients such as avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and more that promote lip nourishment. Importantly, the addition of vitamin A and C retains the luster of the lips.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer – A revered offering from Fenty, the Universal Lip Luminizer is the gloss that adds the much-needed oomph to your lips. The product is also one of the best-selling lip gloss launches from the brand’s line. Possessing a flattering rose shade, this gloss does away with the usual sticky shine. The smooth application keeps the lips plump and luscious with just one swipe.

Maybelline Lip Studio™ Shine Shot™ Lip Topcoat – For women who love to flaunt a clear lip look, the Shot Lip Topcoat is the best lip gloss to offer just that. The slim tube leaves a translucent gloss that does not feel too heavy or sticky. With a beautiful mirror-like shine, the lip gloss can be worn alone or used as a gloss-coat on lipstick coated lips. It also transforms the texture of your lips, leaving them looking very subtle.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss – A lip-gloss and long-lasting formula may not seem to go well together; however, this one from Marc Jacobs does. The formula employs Triple Shine Complex, which encompasses several ingredients that work on a leaving a soft look. Moreover, the product comes with a very faint mint scent that brings a desirable freshness.



5 ways to take care of your hair wig

Hair wigs are no longer a taboo like they used to be in the past. Today, they are not only worn by people who lose their hair to old age or some medical conditions but also by people who are in the entertainment industry or by those who want a little change in their life.

As hair wigs are taking over the cosmetics market like a storm, there are companies and brands that are making more affordable wigs that people can wear every day. However, affordable or not, wigs are delicate and require the right amount of care; for that, it is important to know the dos and don’ts of maintaining a wig.

Understand the difference in maintaining a human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig: When it comes to caring for your hair wig, the first thing to understand is the difference of maintenance of a human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig. Human hair wigs are comparatively stronger than synthetic hair wigs. Therefore, you must read the instructions for both types of hair wigs while you maintain them.

Use shampoo and conditioner: Despite it being wig hair, you need to shampoo and condition it. However, ensure that you use separate shampoo and conditioner on the wigs as the chemicals used in regular hair care products can harm the wig hair. You can, therefore, buy a shampoo that is specially made for wigs.

Don’t use hair sprays or shine sprays: Though you can use hair spray on your wig without damaging it, it is better not to use sprays on your wig too often, as that can make the wig greasy and unmanageable.

Take the wig to a stylist if required: You can take your wig to your stylist if you wish to make changes to it, like changing the length or the hairstyle.

Avoid sleeping or showering with the wig on: Remember to take off your wig when you go to sleep or go for a shower, as failing to do so can spoil your wig. Also, if it is raining heavily outside, make sure you either protect your wig from getting wet in the rain or remove it and keep it safe in a bag.



3 useful tips to buy hair wigs

The benefits of wearing a hair wig are one too many: the morning routine becomes simpler and a lot is saved in terms of hairstyling products, hair maintenance products, and salon visits. Plus, there is no possibility of having a bad hair day. Whether there is a need to buy a hair wig just for style purposes or for medical reasons, there are a few guidelines to follow to find the perfect fit. Here are a few useful tips to find a hair wig:

  • Measure the head size: A lot of manufacturers make hair wigs in three basic size categories: petite, average, and large. Measure the head size using a tape measure. Ask someone to help out with the measuring. While measuring, ensure that the tape is snug around the head but not too tight. The best way to measure the head size is by starting from the forehead, tracing around the hairline, and going behind the ear. Then, turn the tape around the nape of the neck and behind the other ear, meeting the starting point of the measuring tape in the front of the head. Some manufacturers make wigs with adjustable straps. If the wig does not fit properly even after accurate measurements, try out the ones with adjustable straps.
  • Pick the hair type: When it comes to the type of hair for wigs, there are three categories—human hair, synthetic hair, and heat-friendly synthetic hair. The look and feel of wearing human hair wigs is similar to natural hair. These wigs require maintenance and styling just as natural hair would need. Moreover, human hair wigs are the most expensive among all wigs. However, they last the longest (more than a year). Synthetic wigs require less maintenance. However, they last for only 4-6 months. Also, when wearing them, it is recommended to keep away from heat sources such as microwave oven, barbecue, curling iron, hair dryer, and flat iron. A heat-friendly synthetic wig allows the use of heated styling tools, but these wigs last for only about 3 months.
  • Choose the cap type: There are four types of caps: classic, hand-tied, lace front, and monofilament. Classic wigs are generally capless with teased fibers at the roots of the hair. This makes the wig stationary and gives less scope for styling. Monofilament wigs give a more realistic look since each hair is placed individually on a mesh cap, which is transparent. However, these are more expensive than classic wigs. Hand-tied caps are monofilament caps sewn to a lace fabric. Lace front wigs have hair strands tied individually to a very fine lace that goes around the hairline.

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Top 3 websites for women’s perfumes

Perfumes are a must-have in every women’s dresser. Not only do they keep body odors at bay but they also have a certain personality to themselves. Therefore, it is important to buy a perfume that best reflects your persona. Spending quality time in perfume shopping helps you understand different fragrances and what you would enjoy wearing the most. Once you know which perfume speaks your personal style, you can go on to several websites that offer good deals on them. Though there are plenty of websites that offer great deals on perfumes, here are some popular websites where you can find the best women’s perfumes at discounted rates.

This website lets you avail up to 15% off on some of the top perfumes by companies like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, and more. Along with offering perfumes at a discounted price, the website also shows you a list of some of the week’s top-selling perfumes for women and men. Additionally, the website holds a section that guides the shoppers on how they can save money while buying perfumes online.

Fragrance Outlet
The Fragrance Outlet website offers many deals wherein you can buy one perfume and get the second one at a discounted rate. You will find perfumes from companies like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Paco Rabanne, and more. You can also buy your favorite women’s perfumes from their brick and mortar stores that can be located through their “store locator” section on their website. Additionally, this website also ships your orders on perfumes for free if your bill is over $50.

This website has been functional since 1997, and it ships over 20 million packages till date. The company offers around 17,000 genuine branded fragrances and other beauty products. It offers free shipping in the country with a minimum order cost limit. You can join their coupon list by signing up to save money on your perfume shopping cart. They offer the best-selling perfumes at a discounted rate of 33% to 64% off. Some of the top perfume companies available on FragranceNet include Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, Davidoff, Mont Blanc, and more.



Factors to consider when picking the right face wash

There is no denying the fact that the best face wash is the cornerstone to maintaining radiant looking facial skin. One the most important skin care products, a face wash works toward cleansing the skin and getting rid of the grime that the tissue is put through in the day. While the market is inundated with a plethora of face washes and cleansers, picking the right one can be a tricky thing to do. The face wash must be gentle on the skin, as the tissue is extremely delicate and can get easily irritated. Moreover, one must stir away from cleansers that are not specially formulated for the facial skin.

Here are some imperative guidelines to follow when you look through the aisles for the most suitable face wash.

Understand the skin type – The most essential factor to note when picking the face wash or cleanser is understanding the kind of skin you are working with. Possessing knowledge about your skin type will aid in determining not just the perfect face wash but other skin care products as well. Using the wrong face wash can make the skin oily, dry, and irritated. Thus, conclude whether you have normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin.

Ingredients matter – It does not harm to turn over the package of a facial cleanser and understand the ingredients it comprises of. While there is no doubt about the fact that most listed ingredients may sound unfamiliar, you can become aware of the chemicals that contribute to skin irritation. These chemicals not only have a negative impact on the skin but the environment too when they are washed into the drain.

Trial pays off – There is a staggering number of face washes and skin care products lined on the aisles in the market. Some may work in favor of your skin, and some may not. A few face washes can exacerbate the underlying skin problems, whereas the rest can truly aid in rendering the finest glow. Thus, it will pay off to try the different products that you have zeroed in on before you stay dedicated to one. Maintaining a log of the facial cleansers that have worked and comparing how each one has worked is a great way to choose the most suitable pick.



4 face skin care products that make for everyday essentials

The idea of following a skin care routine can seem like too much commitment; however, it is extremely important to maintain the overall skin health. Skin issues such as dark spots, acne, scarring, and more can be extremely concerning, and the best way to deal with the same is through a facial skin care routine. Most people have unique skin concerns and thus the skin care routine and products must suit the same. While some individuals hold a cupboard full of skin care products, some are happy to go with the basic essentials. Here are some essential face skin care products that must be made a part of your daily skin care regimen.

Facial cleanser – A facial cleanser makes for the cornerstone of every skin care kit. The product cleanses the grime and makeup from the day at night, whereas it removes night time residues in the morning. Facial cleansers are important, as they ensure that the skin is well-washed and also prevent the trapping of oil and dirt in the pores of the skin. A cleanser is used just as a makeup remover – add the skin care product to a cotton pad and gently wipe the face.

Moisturizer – Facial moisturizers are specially formulated to prevent dryness of the skin and thereby aid in achieving younger-looking skin. The product also actively works against external irritants and must be chosen based on the season. During the winters, one must preferably go for a moisturizer that is heavier and suits the drier climate. On the other hand, people with acne-prone skin must opt for a moisturizer that comes in a non-comedogenic formula.

Serum – Facial serums are one of the best skin care products for individuals looking to particularly address issues such as fine lines, pigmentation, and more. The product contains a higher dose of active ingredients that work effectively in resolving major skin concerns. The serum must be applied after cleansing the face, followed by a moisturizer.

Sunscreen – There has been a constant emphasis on the importance of regular sunscreen application, particularly when venturing outdoors. An important skin care weapon, it protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sunshine; thus, skin issues such as pigmentation and wrinkles are kept under control. It is advisable to use a sunscreen even when indoors to attain the best results.



Points to consider before opening up your own salon and spa parlor

In today’s fast-paced and stressful life, people need a place to relax and vent off steam. What could be better than offering these people an opportunity by opening up a salon & spa parlor? Premium spas offer more than just a massage, as there are multiple relaxation techniques that can help overcome the stress and tension building up gradually over time.

As an entrepreneur, there are many things you must consider before opening your own salon & spa parlor.

Identify business model
Before you can narrow down on the specifics of your services, it is necessary to identify the business model. You must consult with a financial advisor and assess the viability of the available business models in the spa business.

The vision of the business
Once a cost and profit structure is decided upon, it is imperative to identify the core value of the business. You can open up a spa that mainly focuses on relaxation techniques and methods, or you can invest in a salon and spa combination that also offers a good pampering session after a lazy day of relaxation.

The spa business is competitive, and the competition is fierce, as the industry is worth billions of dollars. You must identify the core brand of your salon and spa parlor to expand it into a big franchise down the line. You have to offer the customer something unique that only your spa or salon features to ensure that the core brand stands out. It will also enable you to drum up more business and generate goodwill through word of mouth.

In today’s market and economy, finding venture capitalists interested in buying a stake in your business is tough. Investors will be interested only if they see a profit motive, and for that, you must have a strong foundation.

Licensing and insurance
There is a lot of documentation involved for registering and opening up a new business. A salon & spa falls under the category of small businesses, which is why you must contact the small business administration to find out all the legal permits for the business to function.

Location and staffing
A salon in a prime location will drum up a lot of business, but it will be expensive to pay for, which is why location matters. The business must be able to sustain and generate revenue after meeting all the capital and operative expenses. Also, it is not easy to run a salon and spa without support staff, which is why you must also plan for the additional expenses of hiring and staffing for the business.