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Prominent features of the LG G6 

When LG revealed its latest smartphone called the G6, a range of new features came into the limelight. Some of these features include a bold new display format that is fully complimented by a screen to body ratio that is nothing short of exceptional, a great cinematic viewing experience and a wide angle camera. The story behind the phone goes that it was designed as a direct response to customer feedback and solid opinions of users who wanted a basic premium smartphone with added features like a screen that is big enough for easy viewing yet that can fit in one hand.

The 5.7-inch screen is topped with QHD+ resolution,  a FullVision display and the first of its kind for a smartphone, an aspect ratio 18:9. This format offers a much larger viewing area and an in depth viewer experience for playing games and streaming and watching videos.

For gamers, this phone has content for a retail value of $200 for six games that include Spider Man unlimited, Temple Run 2, Sim City BuildIt, Genie and Gems, Crossy Road and Cookie Jam, all of which are free of cost as a part of the package. The ease of using the phone with a single hand has further made the gaming avenues of this phone very exciting.

A smartphone that is easy to hold and has a large screen is no doubt bound to be a hit, and that is what the LG G6 focused on. The phone has managed to give users an experience of a big phone without the cumbersome problem of it not fitting comfortably in one hand.

The LG G6 comes in three color variants that include white, platinum and black and is made of aluminum and glass sculpted into a sleek design. A solid look is provided with the help of a metal frame that wraps snugly around the sides while a soft matte finish further elevates the look.


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A brief history of LG cell phones

Lucky Gold Star is the full form of the very popular LG brand. LG started as a group of enterprises from South Korea, in the year 1947 with the founding of the first Korean chemical company called the Lucky Chemical Industry.

Fast forward a few years to the year 1958 and the Lucky Chemical Industry expanded into the production of home appliances. It also changed its name to Goldstar Electronics Corporation in an attempt to keep up with the times.

In the present day, the Lucky Goldstar Company has become one of the top contenders of industrial might in Korea along with other big names like Hyundai, Samsung, and Daewoo. The Goldstar Electronics Corporation is divided into four business divisions, called:

Mobile Communication that oversees the production of mobile phone and tablet computers.

Digital Appliances like ACs and refrigerators

Digital display appliances like LCD monitors, CRT, and other projectors.

Digital Media in the form of DVD recorder, DVD player, home theatre systems and car audio.

LG did not get into the production of cell phones until the year 2000. Despite having unique features, the LG handsets did not do too well in the market and were unable to garner enough interest or even a good reply. Until around that time, LG was primarily known for its electronic goods and not its cellular handsets.

It was in the year 2002 that the LG mobile company finally announced the debut of its very first WCDMA technology that helped the company dip its toes into the mobile phone industry. Production of various models featuring GSM, WCDMA cell phones, and CDMA technology was started, and these models were strategically launched into the market.

These helped the manufacturer gain enormous success when the models were released under the famous Black Label Series that featured the concept of the exposure of the form factor. It had four models that were launched and given exciting names like the Chocolate edition in the year 2006, Shine edition in the year 2007, Secret edition in the year 2008 and the New Chocolate edition in the year 2009.

The Optimus series is the most recent Android phones developed by LG.


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Find the right small business phone system for your needs

Have you just started your business? Are you looking to set up a new office? We are sure an office phone system is on your to-do list. Small business phone systems are offered in an assortment of arrangements, presenting an ever-growing series of structures and advantages. Most current phone systems for small business these days work on IP (Internet Protocol) systems—the same system used to link personnel, devices, and data resources.

The question is how will you find the right phone system for your business? And what could be the top way to install it?

Here are a few key things you must look for when you are assessing and installing a small business phone system at your new office.

Know what your workers need: A small business phone system can offer your staff the tools that are essential to be more effectual. Does your staff need easy access to video communications or mobile? Does your team need a single number that rings on multiple devices at the same time?

Structures and abilities to look for:

  • Option of using the computer as a phone
  • Capacity to use tablets or smartphones to make and receive calls.
  • A virtual assistant
  • Web or video conferencing facility
  • Facility to call out and use the intercom
  • Ability to send out mass messages with options for notifications through SMS, or E-mail.
  • IM systems and presence technology, which helps you know who is available within your business so that you can reach them whenever you need to.

Decrease Your IT Expenses: Most small business phone systems using IP can combine vital infrastructures and collaboration proficiencies into one server resolution. This helps to cut down the intricacies in IT, thereby reducing interaction expenses.

Be Ready for Transformation: Some of the best phone solutions for a small business can alter the way your staff works and conducts business transactions every day. For e.g. with a video system, you can interact with your consumers, staff, contractors to improve crucial relations anywhere in the world.

Lastly, check with your resident facility provider to know, which small business phone system will meet your company’s business goals.


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Popular 4G phones for a faster network 

Don’t you want to know, which smartphone supports the new high-speed technology? We are sure you do so that it becomes easier to choose when you want to buy a new one. These days 4G services are extensively offered, since all the four national carriers – the Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless offer one form or another of this high-speed connectivity in the best 4G phones.

But not all smartphones and mobile phones can get the benefit of the faster service that 4G networks can deliver. Here’s a list of the popular 4G cell phones that will ensure that you can avail of the faster 4G network.

Nexus S 4G: The Sprint was the first service provider to offer high-speed connectivity with its 4g cell phone deals, and it is still adding to its roster of super-fast phones. The Nexus S 4G is supported by Google roots, offers unified Google Voice and the latest version of the Android OS, 2.3. Moreover, it offers 3D maps and a 1-GHz processor.

HP Veer 4G: The Veer 4G is the first smartphone HP released after buying Palm. This phone is reminiscent of the outstanding Palm Pre, with similar compact features, a slider-style design, and the now upgraded Web OS platform. It is one of 4G cell phone deals on AT&T’s HSPA plus network bundle.

HTC EVO 3D: 3D is no longer for high-end TV and movie theaters. It is now available on smartphones as well. The HTC EVO 3D offers a 3D screen, which lets you see 3D movies and video content from YouTube without 3D glasses. What’s more, you can capture videos and photos in 3D. It is one of the 4g phones on sale on Sprint’s superfast 4G network.

HTC Inspire 4G: Do you believe you need to spend a lot to get a 4G phone? No! The HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T is now available on contract for less than $100. Additionally, this phone is overflowing with high-end features and runs on Android version 2.2. It comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen; the 8-MP camera comes with AT& T’s 4G connectivity with hotspot support.


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Apple tablets to buy in 2017

The market for tablets has faced a declining trend around the world in the past. But in the future the demand is expected to increase; the tablets trend is anticipated to go up in the coming years. Apple, the leader of the tablet sales in the world, is projected to increase sales in the U.S. marketplace. It is anticipated that American tablet users will exceed 180 million in 2019.If you are planning to buy a tablet this year, here is a list of best tablets you should select from.

New iPad: The tablet weighs 469g; its dimensions are 240 x 169.5 x 7.5 mm. With iOS 10 with screen size 9.7- inch. It gives a resolution of 1536×2048 pixels. It has A9 CPU and 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 32GB and 128GB. It has a battery of approx 8,800 mAh. Its rear camera is 8 MP and front is 1.2 MP. However, it doesn’t have a microSD slot. A fascinating thing of all, it is cheaper than its predecessor that was the iPad Air 2. It is almost like its previous version regarding functions except for its additional power.

iPad Pro 10.5: It is the best Pro launched by Apple in tablets weighing at just 469 g with a dimension of 250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 mm. It is an iOS 10 with 10.5-inch of screen size boasting a resolution of 1668 x 2224 pixels with a CPU which is A 10X and 4 GB of RAM. Storage capacity varies from 32 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. Its rear camera is 14 MP, while its front camera is 7 MP. It too doesn’t have a microSD slot. Its speakers offer amazing sound quality. Though priced high, the Pro can let you use any app and is it fun to use with its new Smart keyboard. If you want a real tablet experience, iPad Pro 10.5 is what you should invest on.

There are other iPads you can buy for a decent amount. Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad mini four will never leave disappointed.