Clothes display ideas for retail stores

When you are running an apparel display store, the most important thing for you is the different kinds of clothing racks that you can fix in your store for displaying the collection. Well placed clothing racks can make the apparels in your store appear better and make them easily accessible to shoppers. Additionally, it makes the store look attractive from the outside and make people want to walk-in. There are many different types of clothing racks that you can have in your store. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pipe clothing racks
Some of the best clothing companies and outlets use clothing racks in the form of pipes that are attached to the walls. This makes the store look unique and attractive. To put this type of clothing rack in your store, you can use the wall-mounted displays facing outward in order to grab your customers’ attention. Pipe clothing racks also give you a lot of extra space to keep other products or simply make the store more spacious.

Wooden pallet racks
Wooden pallets can be used for many things, including displaying clothes. You can find wooden pallets for displaying clothes in many retail store outlets. They not only help you display the folded clothes, but also make the store look warm and welcoming. Most customers will be attracted to the store for its welcoming and cozy vibes because of the wooden pallet clothing racks. You can add your own touch to the wooden rack based on the unique style your store has.

Grid wall clothing racks
A grid wall can be used for several types of clothing racks you can use to display your collection. Most retailers use the grid wall stand for placing panels that hold and display the clothes. Grid wall stands are customary and are a widespread way displaying all kinds of products including clothes. Once you have a grid wall stand in your store, you can put baskets and rods where your products will be on display.

If you have a sports collection, then grid walls will make an excellent clothing display as they often work well with jerseys, running shorts, shoes, hats, and all other sports-related apparels and goods.



Top 3 different types of clothing racks

The clothing racks make an important part of the utility furniture at your home. Keeping your clothes neatly organized in a closet or hanging them at an place where they are not only safe but also easily accessible is important. Clothing racks come in the form of a cupboard as well as an open rack. You can choose any type that you prefer in your home or apartment. Each type of clothing rack has its own perks and below are some clothing racks you can consider getting home based on your personal choice and style.

Racks in a closet
Closets are one of the most common types of clothing racks that most people have in their home. Closets or wardrobes are commonly made of wood and have doors that keep the clothes from getting spoiled. Closets are usually the safest option when you are looking for a clothing rack as they are spacious and you can store many other things apart from just clothes and accessories. However, they may cost more than other types of clothing racks.

Open clothes racks
You may also consider bringing an open rack of clothes to your home. Open clothing racks are often made of metal rods wherein you can hang your clothes using hangers. There are different sizes available in open clothes racks. This way you can hang your everyday clothes as well as your gowns, dresses, tuxedos, and other party clothes of different sizes. As these racks are open, it is important to put it at a place where the clothes are safe from accidental spills, stains, and dirt.

Racks with cover
If you are looking for a clothing rack that has the benefits of a closet and is easily accessible as an open clothes rack, you can opt for a clothing rack that comes with a cover. These clothes racks are made of metal rods that come with a fabric cover with zips. The fabric cover ensures the safety of the clothes and adds extra compartments to your clothing rack. There are different styles and types of fabric-covered clothing racks that you can choose from. Furthermore, they are often more affordable than a closet.



Top 3 plus size clothing brands online

Plus size clothing has gained a lot of significance and recognition lately. No more does a girl with curves need to settle when it comes to expressing herself through her clothes and style. There are various new brands that have come up with exclusive collections for plus size consumers.

Below are some of the popular online plus size clothing destinations you definitely would want to check out.

This brand was established in 2014 and it has been one of the leading plus size clothing brands in the digital world of fashion. They are one of the first companies that offered a personalized in-home shopping experience. The brand’s in-house stylists curate looks that are specifically tailored for their customers, and the customers can create a unique profile that is based on their individual sense of style, their budget, and their size. Later, they get these pieces to try on at home and they can send back whatever they don’t want to keep.

CoEdition is a new name to know in the plus size clothing industry and it is a contemporary multi-brand website that offers several products at an affordable price. Apart from shopping apparels from size 10-26, you can also shop for activewear, intimates, accessories, footwear, and swimwear. Also, the website is launching a forum where likeminded shoppers and influencers can share their inspiration, styling tips, etc. This website makes online shopping more fun, provides excellent customer service, and also offer solutions to everyday wardrobe problems.

After realizing that the plus size clothing needs are not being catered by the fashion industry, two plus-size fashion bloggers collaborated for the creation of Premme. The brand is known to provide fashion-forward styles to their curvy consumer. The plus-size clothing pieces here are available in “Premme sizes” 0-6, which is equivalent to 12-30 on a normal size chart. Premme aims at delivering same fashion options that are offered to the straight-size set to the plus-size consumers as well. They understand and believe that plus size consumers do not need to compromise on their choices and they have the freedom to express their personal sense of style.



3 easy hacks to look chic this winter

Winter definitely brings respite from the scorching heat of the sun, but this implies that your trendy summer dresses will be pushed to the back of the closet. Winter clothes are every fashionista’s nightmare as winter apparels usually consist of ugly boots and heavy beige coats. However, gone are the days where you had to reluctantly join the bandwagon of ugly overalls and heavy boots as fashion labels have now acknowledged women’s need for fashion in winters. So, ladies, you can now look chic with the latest winter collection. All you have to do is get the look right.

Here are some amazing clothing hacks that will help you complete your mission of stepping out in style even in winters.

Learn the art of layering
Women’s winter clothing includes different types of clothing, but it would definitely look weird if you simply wear one on the top of the other, without figuring out whether each of these clothing items goes with each other. Instead of dreading layering, you can benefit from layering clothes because it will add more style to your attire. For the classic layering trick, you will need a pullover on top of a button-down shirt on trousers, and you can pair it with a muffler. Make sure that the colors don’t clash or your outfit won’t have the desired impact.

Embrace faux leather
Leather pants and jackets aren’t only for bikers to flaunt, you can add this piece of women’s clothing to your winter wear. If you wish to wear a skirt or tights, you can couple the bottom wear with a button-down shirt or a turtleneck sweater and adorn it with your leather jacket. Do not fret about wearing a leather jacket in winter because the leather will keep you warm and add elegance to your entire outfit. You can even consider wearing leather pants or skirt over a shirt or a turtleneck to add an edge to the entire attire.

Flaunt a belt
Trench coats reek of elegance if you choose the right one. They are those pieces of women’s clothing items that never go out of style. However, if you feel that the trench coat is too simple for your taste, you can spice up the look with a belt. You can also experiment with belts of different colors and sizes to add glamour to your outfit. However, if you have your heart set upon brightly-colored belts, ensure that outfit is neutral, or else the look can go quite wrong.



4 smart ways to make minimalist dressing fun

Many fashion enthusiasts shy away from trying minimalism because they believe that minimalism is boring and it won’t give them an outlet to express their fashion. However, the truth is that minimalism is indeed a great way to showcase your personal style as there is not much going on it focuses on what needs attention.
If you are intrigued by minimalism and are planning to try out this women’s clothing trend, then here are few basic things that you need to know to rock the minimalism look:

Decide where you want them to look
Yes, minimalism gives you the luxury to decide where you want people to look at when they give a quick glance and check out your outfit. If you are wearing something plain, then you can simply pick some statement shoes, neck pieces, or earrings and make them the focus of the ensemble that you come up with.

Spice up the basics
Just because white shirts are classic and you find them in almost every woman’s closet does not necessarily mean that they are monotonous. You can always dress up your basics and stand out in the crowd. Are you confused how to it? It is quite simple. If you are going for a white shirt, then instead of just picking one from a mall rack, take the effort of getting one tailored according to your liking. So, when are you investing in classic women’s clothing pieces and giving them your own twist?

Invest in your accessories
Minimalism is all about buying less. Although the shopaholic in you is sad about it, the good news is that you get to invest in luxury women’s clothing pieces that will last you for years. So, buy handbags, watches, neck pieces, sunglasses, and other such fashion accessories of brands that are known for their superior quality. When you are picking the accessories make sure that you pick the ones that are versatile.

Play with the colors
Many people have a misconception that minimalism limits you to wear monochrome but that is far from true. So, don’t hesitate to buy flamboyant colors and style contrasting pieces together.

So, how are you planning to create your minimalist wardrobe?



4 fun styling tips for plus-sized clothing

Styling is more of a personal choice than following norms or trends. This is true for every kind of outfit, whether straight-sized or plus-sized clothing. Although there are a lot of classy dressing tricks floating about, how about adding a dash of adventure and quirk to plus-sized clothing? Here are a few fun ways to flaunt a plus-sized outfit, without going overboard.

Get some knee-highs and thigh-highs
Ankle-length socks are cute, and they add a touch of chic casualness to any outfit. For a change, try knee-highs and thigh-highs. Perfect for the fall season, when combined with the right material and outfit, knee-highs and thigh-highs can make any plus-sized clothing quirkier. Plus, they make the legs look longer and sassier. A good styling tip is to mix together mesh tights with thigh-highs. Or a skirt in pastel shade with black knee-highs or a short plait-dress with thigh-high boots.

To accessorize or not to accessorize
Many suggest that the simplest trick to make any plus-sized clothing look better is to add over-the-top accessories to the outfit like a chunky statement necklace, dangling earring, and lots of bracelets. These will definitely bling up the outfit. However, going the no-bling way can also be a great idea. Play around with kitschy outsized prints and bold-printed bodycon for a fun and bold look without any OTT accessorizing. If choosing to accessorize, just pick one piece of jewelry to be the highlight of the ensemble.

Take care of frumpy fabric with wide belts
Plus-sized clothing sometimes has extra fabric that makes it look sloppy. One way is to do tailoring by fixing up the extra fabric for a better fit and at quite a low cost too. If too lazy to go to the tailor or if short on time, grab an extra wide belt and tuck in the extra fabric of an over-sized shirt or a loose dress. Add on a structured blazer for a neater look.

Don’t run away from crop tops
Contrary to popular opinion, crop tops can be quite flattering to a plus-sized clothing ensemble. Pair up a crop top in a solid color with a flamboyant A-line skirt, fitting leather pants, or printed trousers to show off the perfect amount of curves. Add a layer with a wool or leather jacket to complete the outfit.



Top 4 luxury jewelry brands of the year

Not just for adding that extra bling to an ensemble, a piece of jewelry is primarily an expression of one’s individuality and personal style. Over the years, jewelry designs have evolved remarkably to fit the changing needs of every generation. Luxury jewelry, particularly, has made its mark by being high-customizable, lending uniqueness and extravagance to every piece created.

Read further to know about the top 4 luxury jewelry brands of the year.

Instituted by a French jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier in 1847, Société Cartier is one of the most prominent luxury jewelry brands in the world. They have customized jewelry for state events and royalty, including King Edward VII of England, Wallis Simpson, Princess Grace of Monaco, and the Maharaja of Patiala. At the moment, Cartier’s jewelry line offers necklaces, rings (wedding and engagement), bracelets, earrings, and brooches.

A luxury pearl jewelry maker, Mikimoto’s history dates back to 1889 when Mikimoto Kokichi designed the first cultured pearl. Its first store was established in Tokyo, and the brand gradually made its way into major fashion capitals, including New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Mikimoto is the first luxury Japanese jewelry to have gained international recognition. Apart from the exquisite pearls, Mikimoto is celebrated for its simple yet elegant designs. Mikimoto has an incredible collection of pearl and diamond necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, and men’s jewelry.

Bulgari (Bvlgari)
A renowned Italian luxury brand, Bulgari was founded in Rome by a Greek jeweler Sotirios Bulgaris in 1881. It wasn’t until the 20th century that this brand garnered attention across international markets for its creations. The brand’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are fancied by some legendary Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman. Some of their popular luxury jewelry collections are Serpenti, Monete, and Parentesi. Apart from designer jewelry, Bulgari also makes leather goods, watches, and fragrances.

Harry Winston
Referred as the King of Diamonds, Harry Winston had a talent to effortlessly spot the best gemstones. He is credited for introducing the method of clustering, a signature technique where different cuts of diamonds are pieced together in an arresting detail so that it can seize light from every direction. Such was the aura of this jewelry, that every Hollywood starlet wished to don only his designs. At the moment, Harry Winston has an extensive luxury jewelry collection which includes pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, charms, bangles, engagement rings, wedding bands, and men’s jewelry.



Top 3 plus size outfits ideas for fall

It should come as no surprise that seasons often influence popular fashion choices. However, one should not be hesitant to wear what they like just because of insecurity and the afterthought of how something would look on them. Questions like will it be possible to carry the dress in style or whether one’s physical appearance does justice to the dress or outfit should not hinder one’s fashion and style choices.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the popular and trending plus size dress styles this year:

These dresses are back in style and are one of the popular choices for the fall, especially jumpsuits that sport a floral pattern or any color pattern. Florals are trending during the fall season and a colorful jumpsuit with the right floral pattern can look extremely stylish.

One can easily maintain a monochrome look with a simple black denim and a plain white shirt and add a colorful jacket. The colorful jacket will do the job of accentuating the entire outfit. The unexpected color shift and contrast with the monochrome denim and shirt choice make it one of the popular plus-size outfit ideas for the fall season. You can also team up a denim jacket over a floral or geometric print top.

A fall look is incomplete without denim dresses, which are trending during the last few months of the seasonal transition. A bright-colored denim dress goes well with a light-colored sweater that will not only provide protection from the upcoming cold winter months but also look great with a pair of matching boots to complete the look.

Knee-length dresses
Before the end of December, find the right knee-length dress and sport it in style during the fall season. Knee-length dresses come in great patterns and a variety of color choices that are well suited for the fall look.



Tips for choosing the perfect wedding gown

Wedding is a special occasion for every woman. It is something she has dreamt about since she was a little girl. Thus, it is obvious that every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. A big part of which involves finding the perfect wedding gown.

Before buying the elegant and unique wedding dress for your D-day, it is important to be aware of certain basic elements like the style, the look, and the material. The market is brimming with wedding gowns and being aware of these basics can help you in narrowing down your options.

Not every bride-to-be can be or even tries to be size 0 for her wedding day. For those women who not only celebrate but also like to flaunt their beautiful real-girl curves, choosing the perfect designer plus-size wedding dress can be a little difficult. Below are some tips to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day.

Dress styles
Choosing the right dress style is essential for any dress that one chooses to buy. Its importance goes a notch higher when it comes to a wedding dress. Following are some of the most popular plus size wedding dress styles you should try:

  • Ball gown– With wide flowing skirts, these are well-fitted in the waist area and flow out into an elegant-looking skirt. Ball gowns are timeless and a perfect choice for pear-shaped brides. They can work wonders by accentuating your smaller upper half. And, a ball gown is bound to make any woman feel like a princess.
  • Sheath gown– The sheath gown helps in creating an illusion of height. They do not have a separation between the skirt and the torso. Sheath bridal dresses are made of multiple vertical fabric panels. They offer the much-needed support and a generous structure.
  • A-line wedding dress– An A-line wedding dress has a narrow neckline that widens into a full skirt. This type of a wedding dress is ideal for a bride who is looking for ample coverage.
  • Dropped waistline wedding gown– Any plus-size bride wanting to flaunt her curves, a dropped waist corset gown is perfect as it emphasizes on the curves. It can also work to create fullness at the bottom of the dress.

The fabric
Once you are sure about the style, the next important step is choosing the correct fabric. A fabric largely determines how the dress would appear on the body. Some ideal fabrics for wedding dress include:

  • Chiffon– A lightweight fabric, chiffon is perfect for spring and summer weddings.
  • Satin– A high-sheen material, satin wedding dresses not only look stylish and classy but are also extremely comfortable.
  • Polyester– Wedding dresses made from polyester are comfortable and perfect for most wedding dress styles. However, polyester wedding dresses are ideal for winter weddings.



Top 4 stylish jewelry brands for men

When it comes to men’s fashion, men’s jewelry has often been underrated. However, thanks to social media influencers on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, men’s jewelry now occupies a prime spot when it comes to fashion. The best thing is that there are now brands that create designs that range from classic and traditional to quirky and fun fashion accessories for men.

Read on to know some of the popular makers of men’s jewelry. Although men’s jewelry trends do often include earring, chains or necklaces, bracelets or bangle watches, this list is more for the understated and minimalistic category.

Dolan Bullock
Dolan Bullock has been one of the oldest brands specializing in men’s accessories and jewelry. Crafted using unique techniques and interesting materials, each piece of jewelry symbolizes tradition and class. The range of products include cufflinks, tie accessories, pendants, money clips, and bracelets. Made using stainless steel, sterling silver, gemstones, and 14 karats and 18 karats gold, each of the product symbolizes impeccable and refined taste. Dolan Bullock collections are exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s, Ben Bridge, and other luxury and fine retailers.

GTO London
A fairly new jewelry brand in the market, GTO London was founded in 2010 by Victoria Lyon. The jewelry line takes its design inspiration from classic cars, especially, the Ferrari. The cufflinks, key fobs, lapel pins, and money clips in each of the collections of GTO London are inspired by the distinctive design of the components and interiors of classical motor cars. This jewelry brand also creates bespoke pieces customized according to the personal styles and preferences of any client. The collections include only limited-edition pieces; therefore, clients are assured of exclusivity.

John Hardy
One of the leading brands in artisanal jewelry, this jewelry brand from Hong Kong takes its design inspiration from nature and Asian art. The bold and exotic designs combine the techniques of classical European and traditional Balinese schools of jewelry making. They specialize in hand-crafted men’s jewelry, including bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and chains. Each piece of jewelry is sleek, stylish and elegantly adds to a dapper look without going over-the-top.

Jan Leslie
For those looking for something quirky, Jan Leslie’s collection of hand-painted enamel and semi-precious stone jewelry can be a great choice. The collection includes accessories like cufflinks, stud sets, bracelets, tie bars, lapel pins, and collar stays made of vibrant and fresh designs. The motifs are inspired by symbols ranging from animals to sports.