Here’s how you can benefit from HotelGuides’ cash rewards program

There is no dearth of travel sites on the Internet which will let you books hotels at your preferred holiday destination. These travel websites require you to make bookings in hotels according to your budget and other preferences. However, most of these popular travel sites require you to pay fees for making hotel reservations and even charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your trip at the last moment.

Though these travel sites reduce the burden of making reservations by eliminating all the intermediate factors, you’ll have to make payments for booking and canceling. Moreover, not all the transactions on such websites are transparent; you might be charged additional fees or have to pay more for a hotel room that is available at a lesser cost on some other travel site. Since most sites require you to shell out money, a travel website that has credible cash rewards programs and amazing discounts is a welcoming change.

HotelGuides™ has an incredible cash rewards program, which will enable you to earn money on booking hotels! Read on to know more about the same.

Cash rewards program
HotelGuides™ has made over 5,000,000 bookings till date, and the users have received money in return for the bookings. According to the cash rewards program by HotelGuides™, when you make five hotel reservations, they’ll send you $25 in return. There is no limit to the number of times you can make the reservations. The travel site writes reward checks to the individual who makes the reservation. This means that you can book hotel rooms for yourself, your business, or any organization, and you can easily earn some extra cash this way. It is quite easy to get started with the cash rewards program. All you have to do is make a hotel reservation through and save your confirmation number, once you have five confirmation numbers, email these to along with your name and contact number. You’ll soon receive a check for $25.

Another highlight of opting for this cash rewards program is that it is in the form of an extra benefit, which means that the money you receive here will not be deducted from the traveler’s hotel chain rewards point. Also, you can send the confirmation numbers after completing the trip as these rewards do not expire. To reap the benefits of this cash rewards program, you can start anytime you wish.



5 reasons to book your next hotel through HotelGuides

If you finally decided to embark on the weekend getaway you have been planning since forever, you’ll definitely want everything to be in order. To ensure that you don’t experience hassles when you reach your destination, it is advisable to make hotel reservations beforehand. Gone are the days when getting hotel reservations was a daunting task; you would have to reach your destination, find a nice hotel, select a room, and pay at the front desk. However, these days, as everything has been transferred to the online realm, making hotel reservations has become extremely easy.

All you have to do is look for an online travel agency, browse through the different hotels, and choose the one that you find practical and within your budget. One such online travel agency that has made more than 5,000,000 reservations till date is HotelGuides™.

If you are still unsure about making reservations via a travel agency, here are some reasons why you should book your next hotel through HotelGuides™.

No fees
One of the major inhibitions that people harbor is the authenticity of the travel website. Moreover, if you pay for making the reservation, and it doesn’t come through, you will have a tough time finding a hotel when you reach your destination. Also, several travel sites charge cancellation fees when you make last-moment cancellations. However, HotelGuides ™ doesn’t charge fees on cancellation.

Lowest rates
HotelGuides™ offers the lowest rates when it comes to booking hotel rooms. However, if within 24 hours of booking via this travel site, you find a lower, comparable rate for the same hotel on a different website, they will pay you the difference plus $10.

Guaranteed refund
HotelGuides™ ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction. In case you aren’t satisfied with the hotel you have booked through the site, they will give a refund up to the cost of one night’s stay in the particular hotel room.

Pay-at-hotel feature
Unlike other travel sites where you have to pay upfront when the reservation is confirmed, you can use your credit card directly at the hotel you’ll be staying. In fact, 95 percent of the reservations do not require the site users to make any form of payment in advance.

Prompt customer service
Another reason to book hotels through HotelGuides ™ is that they offer excellent customer service. All the email questions and telephone calls are answered promptly, and therefore, you won’t be left helpless in your hour of need.



Choosing the right bus tour

While you are on a vacation and have limited time, bus tours can be a good choice to see as many places as possible. However, when it comes to a bus tour, the web is flooded with multiple bus tours by many companies that organize them. Therefore, it is important to choose a tour that is perfect for the kind of vacation you have planned—whether it’s with a small or large group or a solo trip.

Coming to the right bus tour, here are some tips to compare and find the right bus tour for your trip.

Bus tour companies – If you have ample of time before your vacation begins, you can do an in-depth research and go through all the companies that organize bus tours and read their reviews to understand which tour company is safe and right for you.

Itinerary – While you are doing your research, do compare the itinerary of the different bus tours. Tours that give you the option of customizing the itinerary as per your plan are often better.

Payment – Consider all costs and the overall payment you will make from the start till the end of your bus tour. This includes the deposit, main payment, and payment to the guide. It is always better to compare the total cost of different tours against the itinerary before booking.

Intended audience – Each bus tour is intended for a certain type of travelers, such as families, large groups, small groups, or solo travelers. Therefore, it is important to check the type of travelers a bus tour is created for.

Guide – The guide of any tour plays a vital role. You can check who your guide is from the tour company and read their reviews.

Included hotels – While you are selecting a bus tour, check all the hotels that are included in the itinerary, along with their locations. This will help you plan better for your trip. Checking the location of the hotels is important, as you will know how much time it will take you to reach the hotel. It is important to have hotels that are easily accessible, as that helps you save time traveling to and from your hotels.



4 factors to consider while selecting a bus tour

Bus tours are a great way to visit popular destinations as the tour operators arrange for your travel and accommodation. Choosing the right bus tour for a road trip across the country is an essential part to make it a fun and memorable trip for everyone. You don’t want to pick a bus tour operator just because it is billed as popular. There are several other factors that contribute to choosing the best operators for bus tours.

Mentioned below are four important factors that you should consider while choosing bus tours:

  • Itinerary: Think about the amount of time you want to spend at each site. Make sure that the tour operator you choose covers the “must-see” sites on your list. Some tour operators have a packed itinerary covering more sites in just a couple of days. So, select a bus tour operator accordingly if you wish to spend more time at your favorite site(s).
  • Intended audience: Almost every bus tour operator mentions the intended audience. If you are a bachelor who booked for a family tour, you might have to visit a lot of sites geared specifically for kids and families. So, make sure you are aware of the target audience before booking bus tours and tickets.
  • Safety: This is one of the most important things to consider while booking bus tours. Make sure that the tour operators hold the highest ratings from the US Department of transportation. Buses should be kept and maintained in top condition to ensure that the travelers onboard are safe, irrespective of the road conditions.
  • Service: Since it is a road trip, operators of bus tours might have tightly-scheduled itineraries. As a result, they look at covering maximum sites within the stipulated number of days. The most experienced bus tour operators will be able to avoid traffic and other delays, ensuring that the bus reaches the next stop on time. The best bus services will have well-experienced coordinating staff and courteous drivers, ensuring that their passengers have a stress-free travel experience.



Get the best deals on all inclusive resorts

The term all inclusive can be confusing for first-time travelers. For vacations packages, the term refers to the facilities and amenities that have been paid for in advance. All inclusive includes the fee for accommodation, food, beverages, taxes, and a few special activities that will vary depending on the type of the resort.

All inclusive vacations are the perfect way to spend a long vacation by yourself or with the family. All inclusive resorts, in particular, offer complete entertainment options for children, teens, young adults, and even seniors.

All inclusive resorts may not necessarily cost you a ton of money, even when you are traveling with your loved ones. Here are a few simple vacation booking tips to ensure that you get premium service for the best price.

Assess the fees
Since there is no standard assessment of what all inclusive deals offer, hotels and resorts will have varying tariff rates for their packages. Research is key when it comes to the exact fare of the vacation package, as there are additional cost factors like internet fees, airport fees, and meals and drinks not included in the package. Check with the resort to find out what can be adjusted as part of the package. Make some calls prior to booking and speak to a customer executive.

Booking dates
All inclusive resorts will be packed during the holiday season, not to mention expensive as well. If you want to book a vacation at any popular location, it is always best to avoid the peak season holiday time. Do not book anything during the Christmas season, and stay clear of the summer rush. The ideal booking season for an affordable all inclusive vacation would be the months right after labor day and just before Christmas. Remember, the higher the demand, the pricier the vacation package will be.

Pay as you use
You must have heard of pay-as-you-go phone deals, but would you be intrigued to find out that there is a way to pay for what you use to save costs on all inclusive bookings. Often, paying for an all inclusive package can be a waste of money, as it is nearly impossible to divide your time among multiple activities. Ensure firsthand where you plan to spend your time so that you pay for only those activities that you will be able to enjoy for the price. Bookings and negotiations can be made online or after talking to a customer executive.



4 key things to consider while booking all-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive resorts are a blessing for vacations, especially when we have little time at hand. These resorts keep you well covered throughout your vacation and help you stick to your itinerary well. An all-inclusive resort will typically include your stay, breakfast, and, if you are lucky, maybe a couple of trips to tourist attractions. However, there are a few things to consider before you rely on an all-inclusive resort to set your vacation straight! You do not want to land up in a situation where you get lesser than promised.

Family policies
It is quite normal to get excited about booking an all-inclusive hotel and neglecting the policies they have for families, children, and couples. It would not be pleasant to find yourself in a situation where the pool is full of kids. Adult-only resorts are the way to go if you are looking for a break from work and plan to relax while on vacation. Decide the type of vacation you need and choose accordingly before making the booking.

A hungry you is not going to be a satisfied you, and an unsatisfied you is not going to have a good time on vacation. Most all-inclusive resorts include meals around the clock. However, just to be sure, you can check the meals served. You must also check whether you would be charged later for beer, beverages, and other food in the fridge.

Your all-inclusive resort might have a great deal, but it might not be in the best location. This does not help when you are on vacation. Nobody wants to be tied to their resorts throughout their stay. Even if you are going for a short span, check the location so that you can spend some time exploring the city along with your relaxation.

The preference for the size of a resort can be different for all of us. If you are looking to spend your entire weekend in the resort, it would not hurt to be in a massive resort. You can walk around in the evenings, in-between meals, or even after dinner. While the preference and choice are yours, the size of a resort is an important factor to consider while booking an all-inclusive resort.



4 questions to consider before going on a cruise vacation

Going on a cruise is very different from your regular holiday because this is all about being out on the sea with your loved ones. This is all the more reason why you have to plan well for your cruise vacation in order to ensure that the bill is within your budget and you get the best out of the short trip you take.

In order to plan for a cruise vacation and select the best deal from the various vacation packages provided by various travel agents, here a few questions you need to ponder on so that your vacation does not go amiss.

Who do you plan to travel with?
A vacation is great only if you have a great company, someone who enjoys the same things as you. Compared to other forms of vacation, cruises are very different as it is being long on the water and more of onboard activities than you regular road trips. You just cannot stop your trip midway.

How much do you propose to spend?
Every cruise vacation has multiple packages and the price variation is a result of the various activities, type of cabin, etc. If it’s a full cruise, you cannot spend your whole day on the deck, you might get bored and you need to pick a few activities. Or you can travel luxuriously with all the elite perks if you can spend so much, they are pretty pricey.

How long are you planning to spend on your vacation?
A majority of the cruises are based on a package plan, where you pick a 5 to 7-day cruise, and so on. You need to factor in your travel to and from the pick-up and drop locations. Browse through the different itineraries for cruise vacation packages, and see what people have reviewed for those vacation packages. Taking a rushed vacation on a cruise is not ideal, and can turn pretty frustrating if you do not get a relaxed holiday.

Where do you want to cruise to?
The answer to this will depend on the season and your personal liking. Do you want a tropical vacation or a cruise by the glaciers? Each cruise vacation will vary on the type of activities you can do on the trip.

Consider these questions and make an informed decision.



Different types of cruise vacation packages

Did you know that there are various types of cruise lines? There are so many cruise vacation packages for each type of customer, and each is uniquely different from the other. The only thing common is that you are onboard a ship, but the amenities, activities, destinations, etc. all differ.

Some of the common types of cruise vacation packages are as follows:

Cruise and stay packages: This is the type of cruise vacation package where you get the best of cruising around a destination and then staying for a prolonged period on land as part of the vacation. It’s a two deal package as you get to enjoy all aspects of a cruise without any hurry as well as stay and explore the land at the end or beginning of your cruise.

Cruise on tour packages: These types of cruise vacation packages would involve cruising coupled with docking at ports for short stays on land. This is a great option for those who like to explore both sea and land at the same time. Get on a cruise, spend some quality time lounging and enjoying other onboard activities, and then get on land, spend a few short days and nights exploring the land and getting a flavor of the local cuisine, traditions, etc.

Festive packages: These are typically the holiday cruise packages for those who cannot take a prolonged break but still get to go on a cruise and experience some quality time with your loved ones. Get on famous festive cruise packages and enjoy a Christmas in Germany or Denmark, or spend your new year on the dock of your ship out in the sea with fireworks lighting up the night.

Elite cruise packages: These are the most luxurious sorts where you get your own private charter to reach the cruise ship, top of the line cabin, exquisite dining experience, and private pools. If you are looking for some VIP treatment throughout your cruise, then these packages give you that royal experience all around.

There are also other types of packages such as family cruise vacation packages, themed vacation packages, special event packages, celebrity cruise packages, and expedition vacation packages. Whatever you pick, make sure that the itinerary matches your style so that your holiday is perfect and the best of all that you have done so far.