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Choosing the right phone plan

November 14, 2017

Choosing the right phone plan

Choosing the right plan for your phone that works for you can be pretty tough. If you are not looking to get into any contract, then your search area is pretty vast. Earlier when carriers were offering contracts, things were pretty simple. But nowadays data plans, live streaming, and hotspots do come into picture while choosing the best phone contract.

Options for no contract phones

No contract phones are the ones where you are not in a contract with any carrier. You buy your own phone and choose your plan. There are many prepaid carriers like Boost, Virginia mobile, Cricket, Tracfone, and even AT&T. Prepaid plans work best with students and teens who like to do texting and surfing the web.

Some of the best no contract phones are Verizon LG Optimus prepaid smartphone, or the Verizon Moto G. Basically they are the same as unlocked phones. You can buy the phone of your choice, insert the sim, and you are all set.

Are no contract phones cheaper?

Yes, no contract phones are cheaper. Comparing the best phone contract with a no contract phone works out quite cheaper. While in contract, you get a phone at a subsidized rate or sometimes free too, but then you are stuck with it for two years. Whereas plans for prepaid phones or unlocked phones are easier to switch or change as per your convenience.

While everyone wants the best phone contract, there is no such thing as a `one plan fits all’ when it comes to mobile plans. Important things while choosing a plan are to look for the network strength and how much data does that plan offers.

You can save much more when you buy the phone outright rather than from a wireless carrier. The initial expense of the phone will be more, but you can save it later via cheap and reasonable plans. The best phone contract these days have unlimited data, live HD streaming, unlimited texts and calls, and hotspot data. These matter to any buyer looking for a phone plan. Of course, the wireless carriers don’t disappoint either.

There are plans for all types, seasons, and reasons!

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