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Here’s how to choose the perfect network

November 14, 2017

Here’s how to choose the perfect network

While choosing a phone service, what is the most important for any buyer? Sometimes, you wonder, does the best mobile network ever exist? Yes, you can find that network that neither lets you down nor your calls.

Before you get your resources to find the best mobile network, let’s look at the top carriers that are making the heads turn. The best mobile networks belong to the big four – Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. These are the major carriers that give the best phone services and have plans that support their network.

How to sync your network and plans

As much as plans are important, so is getting the best mobile network that is in tune with your plans. Networks work on signals. The network sends out the signal when you start your phone. However, some signals do not work in restricted areas or dead zones.

There are two categories of carriers that work for most of them. They are the big four and second are low-cost carriers. These low-cost carriers are often known by the name of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). They use the network of the major carriers and are easy on the pockets too.

The best mobile network is undoubtedly Verizon. If the monthly charge of USD 80 with 22 GB data and other perks works for you, then this is the best with excellent network and coverage. Having said that, there are other low-cost carrier options that one can explore if they feel that the plans charted by Verizon or AT&T do not fit their bill. These low-cost carriers come at a monthly charge of USD 30 for 2GB 4G LTE data. That works out pretty cheap if your usage is limited.

It always pays to know your plans first and then match it with a network that fits the plan. Also, do check out the prepaid plans to understand which of the best mobile networks is good for you. Switching carrier can also be an option if you still have not found that perfect network. Try not to commit to any network, till you get it right.

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