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Tips to Get the Best Price for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Tips to Get the Best Price for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

If you are looking for one of the best Android devices in the market, you may count on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This was the first phone to have a large screen as compared to the other phones by Samsung. The brand has redefined display quality with the Galaxy series. Apart from a unique Smart autofocus feature and a f/1.7 lens, it comes with an 8 MP front camera, which teams up perfectly with the 12 MP rear-facing camera. However, that’s not it. The variety of colors and the amazing user interface is another reason to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus one of the most preferred phones. Moreover, the good news is that with S9 taking over the market, the Samsung S8 Plus prices have come down considerably. Here are some options that you may consider to get the best Samsung Galaxy S8 plus prices:

From sellers
While various sellers are offering different Samsung S8 Plus prices, the three most trusted ones to go for are the following:

  • Samsung: At the moment, the official website is offering an unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64 GB variant for $589.99. Moreover, with a fixed-year warranty, you may trust buying from the manufacturer itself than going for other e-tailers and physical outlets.
  • Amazon: You may always trust Amazon to connect you with the best sellers and offer you the best deals to you. The unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64 GB variant is available for a steal on this portal. It will cost you only around $599.95 to get this model.
  • Best Buy: You may choose whether you want the coral blue variant or the orchid grey or stick to the classic midnight black. All of these versions are available on Best Buy. The prices for different models start at $539.99 and are also available with the option of an equated monthly payment.

From carriers
If you want to get a good phone connection along with a new phone, then you may pick the deals offered by carriers as well. The following two carriers offer some of the best Samsung S8 Plus prices along with their call services bundled with each of the plans:

  • AT & T
  • Verizon

If you are keen on availing of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus prices, you may pick any of the aforementioned sellers to fulfill your cellphone-related requirements.

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