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Benefits of Using Assurance Wireless New Phones

Benefits of Using Assurance Wireless New Phones

Keeping a tab of the phone bill is as overwhelming as it is exhausting. For people who are constantly facing a money crunch, having to deal with confusing bill statements, controlling phone usage and having a hard time paying up before the due date is stressful, to say the least.

Understanding the need to connect

Everyone needs to be connected in this day and age. If you are struggling with phone bills and feel cornered because no service provider is giving you cost-friendly options, stop worrying. The Lifeline Program started by the Federal government understands the hardships of those who cannot be in touch with their loved ones as much as they would want to because of economic difficulties.

Lifeline benefits for low-income groups

The Lifeline program has helped people from low-income groups to get access to affordable and efficient communication tools since 1984. Getting the Assurance Wireless new phone will open up cheaper avenues of communication. You will no longer have to limit yourself while talking to your loved ones.

Virgin Mobile brings to its consumers Assurance Wireless that is a partnering with the Federal Lifeline program to give free mobile connectivity to people from low-income groups. With the help of Assurance Wireless, one member in each household is eligible to get one Assurance Wireless new phone with basic calling facilities.

Hassle-free billing

Assurance Wireless is meant to assist people in low-income groups to stay connected. Billing for the Assurance Wireless new phone is as good as free, yes! What’s more, the system is transparent. The phone uses prepaid facility so you are completely in charge of how much you want to talk on the phone. No more confusing bills, taxes, late fees and suspicions of being overcharged. Welcome a new life of affordable communication with Assurance Wireless.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the Lifeline Program and get an Assurance Wireless new phone, you must be enrolled in one of the many public sponsored assistance schemes. The rule and regulations regarding registration as an Assurance Wireless new phone user vary widely from state to state.

Qualifying for public assistance programs like Medicaid, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Program – and others – can get help if you get an Assurance Wireless new phone. Since state-specific requirements differ, read the guidelines and eligibility criteria of your state carefully.

Special offers in California

California has some of the best offers for Assurance Wireless new phone users. So, if you live there, it is a great idea to check out the Lifeline Program details from any Virgin Mobile store or from the Assurance Wireless website to get a new connection.

Easy switch to other phones

To be able to use internet on the phone, additional fees apply. However, even if you choose to get an Assurance Wireless new phone with smartphone features, you will get good deals at Virgin Mobile as a participant of the Lifeline Program. Some popular models that are compatible with Assurance Wireless have been used by users who wanted to upgrade from the basic phone that is provided as part of the Lifeline Program for free.

New Assurance Wireless customers receive a free Android smartphone, 1GB free data monthly, unlimited free texts per month, at least 350 free voice minutes monthly, a free voicemail account, call waiting and caller identification, amongst other benefits. Once you have been accepted into the Lifeline Program, you can even retain your old phone number on the Assurance Wireless new phone.

More compatible models

In case you want more features than those are there in the phone you receive, there are some other smartphones compatible with Assurance Wireless service. For example, the Virgin Mobile UMX has 3G support and Bluetooth connectivity. A good option is the LG Aspire LN280 model. The phone memory is extendable by 32 GB. Other good Assurance Wireless compatible phones are ZTE Quest N817, Kyocera JAX, and Samsung Montage SPH-M390 Paylo.

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