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Tips to choose the best cell phone companies for smooth network coverage

Tips to choose the best cell phone companies for smooth network coverage

Network coverage is an important factor when selecting wireless network connection. A good network is a determiner of a good cell phone plan. All over the US, Verizon is believed to offer the best network coverage around the country. Then comes the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. However, this trend is not true everywhere. This article discusses the factors that are important to consider while choosing the best cell phone company in terms of network coverage. Then there is speed and reliability that are to be considered to arrive at the right conclusion.

Type of device
Selecting a wireless network depends on the number of factors and one is the type of device you carry. It also determines the strength of the coverage you will get. It is the also a fact that new phones get more coverage than the older phones. One reason behind this is that they have a radio technology that taps to faster and newer spectrums provided by different network carriers.

Moreover, the new mobiles are also more suitable with build-in-technology that helps to operate well on latest spectrums. In 2016, T-Mobile launched a spectrum called Band 12 that works four times faster than the predecessor. An iPhone 5S does not have a radio that uses Band 12, while the iPhone 6S uses the band 7.

Poor network zones
Many wireless network providers work well in one zone may not operate well in the other zone. So it is better to know about the average strength of your cell phone company’s network in most of the location. It is better to look at coverage maps and areas where you the network provider provide its services.

Small carriers v/s major carriers
Compare network carrier providers. There are wireless network providers that are small, whereas there are other that are strong. Those who want more reliable network, tend to opt for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. On the other hand, many small network carriers offer excellent plans and incentives. Some of the smaller carriers are Mobile Virtual Network Operators and others such as MVNOs.

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