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Best cell phone service plans for individuals

August 17, 2017

Best cell phone service plans for individuals

Many popular cell phone carriers like T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon give great individual-oriented plans. These plans may vary according to the user type, device type and the location of usage. They may also change as per the data allotment and price distribution depending on the website or dealer you pick it from. It has been observed through careful research and analysis that Verizon and AT&T offer less data for more money while T-Mobile and Sprint offer more data for less money. But this is valid only for data plans, Each carrier offers different rates and discounts for other services, like calling and messaging. While both T-Mobile and Sprint carriers tout their unlimited data plans very extensively, the user should be beware of falling for these so called unlimited plans because the plans that really offer unlimited 4G LTE data at a high speed can come out to be pretty expensive, if you break down the overall costs carefully.

Not to mention that these unlimited plans can cost upward of $75 per month to $95 per month. These charges may look like a lot, but the real deal is that they do not even begin to cover the device charges, over head fees or data access fees. That’s one thing to look out for before purchasing any thing that is prefixed with the word ‘unlimited’. Similarly, a lower priced unlimited plan comes with the caveat of lowered speeds that are morosely slow once the allocated data amount gets over. And this data does get over pretty quickly, especially if it is used to browse the internet on the phone or download apps.

Apart from this, there is the consideration of traditional two-year contracts versus the no contract with an installment plan and the fast upgrade plans offered by various carriers.

The traditional two-year contracts are now very limited in their scope and even their accessibility. Since T-Mobile was the first carrier to go ahead and entirely remove the two-year contract plans, Verizon and Sprint soon followed suit. Next to shut down the two-year contract model was AT&T. These plans are now available only for the existing customers.

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