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4 great email hosting service providers

4 great email hosting service providers

Opening an email account has become so easy that anyone can do it. Signing up with the Internet service provider, register with google and tadaa!! your email id is ready. One can also easily buy a web hosting account but things which are offered free won’t necessarily deliver at the level one expects it to. Email hosting plans are the ones which offer more efficient and reliable service. Although the offering might depend upon the provider but larger attachments which can go up to 50 Mb, larger inbox space and online storage space are some of the common offerings. Some of the best web hosting email service providers and the best small business email solutions are as follows:

  1. Rackspace Email: Rackspace caters to the need of the customers and customizes the service required. They have well specified plans to avoid ambiguity. Their technical support is known for its quality. The Texas-based service provider has abundant hosted business-oriented products be it for a small business or a well-established one. The basics plans provide around 25Gb mailbox storage which has spam and virus filters. The mailbox is priced at $2 every month for a single account. The premium service costs around $7.99 a month
  2. Fasthosts: Fasthosts is a great value-for-money product and it is probably the best email hosting service provider for small business. Fasthosts provides a tiny inbox storage(100Mb) with attachment sizes restricted to 10Mb. Fasthosts charges $2.80 a month for the service they provide. It’s best as a basic exchange account.
  3. Microsoft Office 365 Business Essential: Microsoft isn’t just a suite of productive apps but also a superb email package with prices others charge only for the email service making it just the right one for small business. It supports 150Mb attachment and a 50Gb inbox space and an extra 1Tb online space through One Drive. The exchange accounts are offered at $4.25 a month annually and the full pack is offered at $5.30 a month annually.
  4. Zoho: Also known as Zoho Workplace, it is an email hosting service provider. There are free plans that give 25 mailboxes with 5Gb per user. The plan has an attachment limit of 20Mb. The standard plan gets POP and IMAP support with an attachment support of 30Mb and an inbox space of 30Gb. Productive tools are also bundled with the plan for free and it costs only $1.45 a month annually. Their premium plan is 1Tb storage with 40Mb attachment support and costs $5.70 a month annually.

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