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How to calculate data usage per month to get best data offers

How to calculate data usage per month to get best data offers

Several users consume and burn through the data per month, they give expensive overages yet suffer from low speed, or other issues depending upon the network. Many times mobile data gets exhausted before the month-end, and sometimes excess data remain even after exceeding monthly validity. So it’s important to understand how much data you need to get best cell phone deals. Go through these crucial steps to figure out how to get the maximum data through cell phone deals.

Know and determine how much data you use

You need to figure out the quantity of data the apps you use on your phone. Apps differ in consuming data, and this makes Netflix data consumption different from that of the Spotify or Amazon consumption. Read about these, and you’ll know the way of adjustment in case of the usage. Smaller rearrangements to the apps Conduct as well as your own can reduce the data usage per month. After this adjustment and tracking the data usage for one or two months, you will get to understand how much data you need. Then you can go for any best cell phone deals as per the need and cost.

How much data for which category

It’s a no-brainer theory to understand Android or iPhone data usages are different than basic phones. Usually, the average use for a smartphone owner can reach 2-3GB for every month. To understand if the consumption goes up or down, only rely on the cell phone. For example, video streaming for a certain day on Facebook, YouTube or any other app like Netflix uses over 5GB Data for every month. Whereas one-hour music streaming in a day sums up to nearly 2GB for a month. If you use the stats to check which app uses more data, you will see the consumption vary depending on the type of usage. Chat apps don’t consume much data for simple texts but can use more when video calling option is used rigorously. Some apps are more hungry in using the data than others, and this knowledge is important while calculating the data usage.

There is another aspect which must be understood while calculating data usage to fetch best cell phone deals. This is the streaming quality. Google Playback three settings whereas YouTube has 7. It adjusts as per the connection and speeds feature if you do not adjust the streaming quality manually.

How to find android data usage

Maximum devices track the overall data consumption. Even the consumption of each app is optimised separately so that you can have a look at the quantity of data used by Instagram or Netflix.

For finding out the data usage in one Android phone, reach the settings and next to Data Usage. The total consumption is given for a fixed date range(from this date-this date) as billing cycle. You can always change the billing cycle to analyze a particular month consumption. If you’re using an iPhone, this is the settings options under the name Cellular. It will display the total usage from the beginning (activating phone) if separate billing cycle has not been set. “Reset Statistics” can be used for tracking the consumption from a particular date. Even certain carriers provide an individual app to track down the data consumption.

How to adjust your usage

After knowing the data usage, take measures to lower the usage, turn off certain apps so that those apps do not utilize important data and you can use that in some other this. Many apps continue to get data by functioning in the background. Stop these to waste the data usage.

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