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Know about the Types of Refurbished Laptops

Know about the Types of Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are an excellent way of saving a lot of money. If you need basic functions and you are not very tech savvy, a refurbished laptop might be the right choice for you. As with all products that you buy, the purchase of a refurbished laptop also needs careful inspection. Pay close attention to the product specifications, caveats, and risks involved in the deal. The latter might not be clearly mentioned online or by the retailer you have approached. So, discussions with others who have used refurbished laptops before will give invaluable practical advice to make a well-thought decision. Online customer reviews are an excellent means to find some practical pros and cons of products. It is worth the effort to invest time in Internet research before you commit yourself.

Manufacturer-refurbished laptops

There can be a slight confusion regarding the word “Refurbished” that is used by both manufacturers and repair shop retailers to sell old laptops. The distinction in quality and the warranty period might vary greatly depending on where you buy the refurbished laptop. In this case, the laptops are usually returned to the manufacturer immediately after purchase for reasons like a scratch on the screen, a dent, minor technical issues, etc.

Company-authorized repairs

After the manufacturer accepts the returned laptop, it undergoes a rigorous process of inspection and repairs. Its functionality is checked on many parameters. The laptop is approved for resale in the refurbished category only after it meets high standards of company evaluation. After the laptop is approved and made fully functional, the company assigns a new serial number. The machine is then repackaged and sold as a refurbished laptop at a discounted price.

Brand promise

Manufacturer-refurbished laptops tend to be of a higher quality because they come with the brand name and guarantee. The company has a lot at stake if its refurbished laptops do not hold up to the promised standards. So, the risks of non-performance are significantly less. Most laptop manufacturers sell refurbished laptops. However, their repair process and sales policy may differ. Read the terms and conditions carefully to know which company offers the best assurance and good price. Sometimes, a cheaper product may come with limited or no warranty. Laptop repairs are not cheap, so ensure to not get too carried away by the discounts. Focus on product features and warranty as well.

Customized or second-hand laptops

Used or second-hand laptops that are returned or sold to a local retailer after long-term use are often sold as refurbished laptops too. These laptops may or may not have any technical issues because sometimes, owners simply want to upgrade to a new model. So they exchange their old laptops to get better deals on the new purchase. In other cases, over a period of heavy use, the laptop may have developed technical snags and have a worn-out look (crack on the screen, scratches and dents on the body, etc.) and the user would have wanted to spend on a new laptop rather than coughing up on repairs.

The retailer gets such returned/sold laptops again into a running condition with the help of their repair teams. The product is then put for sale as a refurbished laptop. Note how the process varies greatly from manufacturer refurbishing in terms of previous usage and expert repairs by authorised personnel. That being said, there are also some advantages of going to a retail store for a second-hand laptop.

Customers can also approach a retailer with specific requirements. They can get the refurbished laptop customized according to their needs and upgrade it for processor speed, multimedia cards, memory, hard drive size, accessories, etc. This benefit is not possible in the case of manufacturer-refurbished laptops. These are some basic differences between manufacturer repaired laptops and those sold by the local retailer. Compare the risks carefully in both scenarios before making a purchase.

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