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Maintain good health with Apple watch

August 16, 2017

Maintain good health with Apple watch

Apple Watch has come up with good fitness and health features that help in enhancing the motivation and taking fitness to new levels. Yes, this innovation can assist in measuring the steps, monitoring heart rate and tracking workouts. Whether you want to gain or lose weight or keep a check on activities, Apple watch contributes to managing all your activities.

Heart rate can be monitored: In the Apple Watch, you will find a heart rate sensor that helps in supervising heart rate. It is calculated every 10 minutes. Then, the data can be received on the iPhone’s health app. The intensity levels can be checked and adjustments can be made in the settings.

Activity levels can be checked: With the activity app on the Apple Watch, every second can be tracked. Whether it is exercising, moving or sitting, you can see every detail of your activity. There are three colored rings i.e. the training ring, the movable ring, and the standard ring. When you see these rings, you can get an idea of the activity.

When you go to the activity app, you can see how much success you have been in achieving all the goals. You set an aim, and the Apple Watch will help you attain it.

Calorie goals can be adjusted: For staying fit, it’s necessary to determine some personal goals. This built-in app helps in setting calorie burning targets. The ring will form a full circle once the activity has been accomplished. Always keep in mind that the goal is just for active calories.

Workout sessions can also be tracked: With the Apple Watch, it becomes easier to track workout sessions. All kinds of exercises can be monitored on the wrist. The entire session will be recorded and details like time, distance, heart rate, etc. will be monitored. Then, details will be transferred to the activity apps on the iPhone.

So if you are bored of the routine and want to try something new, always go for this new way of monitoring activities. It will help you do it with interest.

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