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Must-Have Tech Accessories in Your Home

Must-Have Tech Accessories in Your Home

Technology has pervaded all aspects of life. From fitness trackers to home automation, technology is everywhere. While it is hard to find a home without gadgets, using tech accessories can help you optimize your technological utility.

Here are some tech accessories everyone should own.

Wireless headphones

Want to enjoy good music when relaxing or listen to motivational speakers during workouts? Wireless headphones are your best accessories. With many brands available, these wireless headphones are quite affordable and comfortable and deliver exceptional sound quality.

Bluetooth speakers

A bluetooth speaker delivers excellent sound quality. With 4G smartphones on hand, you can access the internet to play your choice of music. A smartphone speaker does not match the audio quality offered by a bluetooth speaker.

Portable smartphone charger

Today’s smartphones have a longer battery life; however, with the amount of usage that a smartphone is put to, there is every chance that it runs dry when you need it the most. Having a portable smartphone charger ensures that you’re not stranded with an empty battery. Just plug your smartphone into the portable charger. This also makes one of the must-have accessories when travelling.

VR viewer

Virtual reality is what is doing the rounds these days. Of course, if you’re an avid gamer, you would need a high-end VR viewer. There are also cheaper alternatives like Google Daydream View that give you the excitement of VR gaming with your smartphone.

Backup drive

You never know when your hard drive may crash and you will lose all your important data, photos, and videos. A prudent move is to invest in a backup drive and backup all your data at regular intervals. Make sure that the storage space offered by the backup drive is more than your laptop so that a full data backup is possible.


Memories are always worth preserving, and what better way than a camera to click these moments. Well, smartphones do have a camera, but nothing beats the picture clarity of a digital camera. If you’re an amateur, a DSLR camera would be a good buy.

Selfie stick

Selfies are the latest craze, and social media accounts are brimming with them. Well, taking a selfie is a bit tough indeed, and that’s where a selfie stick proves to be a savior. Get one, click, and post.

Streaming stick

Want to watch movies downloaded on your smartphone on the big screen? A streaming stick makes it possible to view video content on your television beamed from your smartphone. A few models like the Amazon TV Fire Stick come with handy remotes as well.

Fitness tracker

Keeping a tab on your workout schedule is now made easy with fitness trackers. These popular gadgets keep a track of how many steps you take in a day, your sleep quality, the number of stairs climbed, miles walked, and even your heartbeat rate. Strap one on your wrist and reach your fitness goals.

Home security camera

Ensuring security at home when you’re away is always a homeowner’s paramount concern. Technology helps you in this aspect with accessories like home security cameras. Linked to your smartphone, you can keep a watch over your home even while you’re miles away.


If you’re a voracious reader, an e-reader like the Kindle is your best library. With hundreds of books, your desire to read, a book every day is easily readable. The best part about e-readers is that the e-ink print display is more or less the same as that of paperback/hardbound book print. The e-reader can be one of your best travel accessories.

Flash drive

No doubt, you have access to Google Drive, there are times when you have to transfer huge files from your desktop to your laptop. That’s when a flash drive tops amongst the list of tech accessories.

With technology offering you these many accessories to ease your daily tasks, make sure that you own these and enhance your quality of life.

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