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Curved TVs and why you should buy them

Curved TVs and why you should buy them

A few years ago, there was a strong push for curved tvs owing to its revolutionary technology. The main hype surrounding the TV was its curved shape that gave our round eyes an immersive experience. In addition to this, curved TV supposedly gave our eyes a wider viewing angle. If you are looking to buy one of the best curved tv, then Samsung MU8500 is worth trying. Although there is no dramatic difference in the viewing experience, people still prefer buying curved TVs due to their aesthetic appeal.

  • Some of the best curved TV that you can choose from are:
    Samsung – 65 Class Smart Curved QLED 4K Quantum Dot TV With Wi-Fi
    Video – 65 Class Curved LED 4K Ultra HDTV
    Samsung – 49 Class Smart Curved LED 4K UHD TV With Wi-Fi
    RCA – 32 Class Curved LED HDTV
    Bolva – 55 Class LED Curved 4K UHD TV
    RCA – 55 Class Curved LED 4K UHD TV

And many more! There are many curved tv deals available on the market for you. If you want to buy curved tv, you need to look for some curved tv offers to be able to find the best curved tv discounts. Do a lot of curved tv comparison while you’re at a curved tv sale. Remember to read a lot of curved tv reviews.

A major aspect to consider in a best curved TV is its viewing angle. A curved TV will offer a more generous viewing angle compared to a flat TV. It is believed that a curved TV enables better viewing of an image from off to the side as the curve makes the edges of the screen to appear taller than the center. Also, when you sit very close to a flat TV, you will be able to observe the sides to appear slightly dark owing to its slight narrow viewing angle. However, the best curved TV won’t have any such issues.

  • Can a TV be curved?
    Today, the materials used to make TV screens are quite flexible enough to be easily manipulated into a curve. In fact, the curve is very shallow, and you may not even notice it when looking straight at the TV.
    The first best curved TV (concave) launched five years back, was the Samsung KE55S9C OLED set. However, it cost over £6,000. Today, however, you can buy a Samsung H8000 TV having a curved LED screen starting from £1,500. TV giants such as Sony and Panasonic are sticking with the flat screen TV and are reserving their innovation for premium models. Therefore, it is less likely that you see a price drop in some of the best curved TV. However, in future, there is every possibility of the price coming down.

If you’re a person who enjoys flaunting the latest television tech or enjoys adding it to your cinema room, then a curved TV could give you a better viewing experience. However, if you watch TV every day with your family, then even the best curved TV concept will make no much sense.

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